6 Strong Reasons to Consider In-Home Rehab When Overcoming an Injury

6 Strong Reasons to Consider In-Home Rehab When Overcoming an Injury

In-home service is always the best.


Whether you've broken a bone or suffered another accident, fully recovering from an injury is often a time-consuming process. It may be quite some time before you are able to return to your normal routine and do everything you normally do. This is especially true for senior citizens, who often face a longer recovery period and are more prone to injury and illness as they age.

Though physical therapy and other elements of the recovery process can take some time, this doesn't necessarily mean that you'll have to spend countless hours in the doctor's office. In fact, many patients choose in-home rehab as an alternative form of care — and studies have found this can be just as effective as office visits.

To get a better understanding of why more people are choosing in-home rehab after an injury, I spoke with Jason Bliss, co-founder of Healthy Living Network.

Here's a closer look at why this could be a better recovery option:


"Naturally, the first benefit that comes to everyone's mind for in-home rehab is the convenience of it," says Bliss. "It's a lot easier to manage care when a provider comes to you, rather than trying to get to the office yourself — especially if your injury makes it so you can't drive."

Patients who choose in-home rehab don't have to worry about the sometimes-complicated logistics of receiving care. The therapist comes to your home so you don't have to arrange transportation or other services, allowing for a more streamlined approach to healthcare.


Visiting a doctor's office can be stressful, especially if you have to fight traffic to get there or the office has long wait times or other issues that make you feel uncomfortable.

For some, this can contribute to failing to keep scheduled appointments, which will ultimately cause care and the recovery process to fall behind schedule.

When you receive care in your home, these stresses and concerns aren't an issue.

You enjoy medical assistance in an environment you are comfortable with, which makes it easier to focus on your therapy. Your caregiver can even provide helpful tips regarding changes you should make in the home to better facilitate the recovery process and reduce your risk of additional injury.

Daily Assistance

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may find yourself unable to perform certain daily tasks as you go through the recovery process. "In-home healthcare providers help patients regain strength and mobility so they can safely perform their daily activities — even if they need to use a medical device," Bliss explains.

Though an injury can impact your ability to perform chores and errands like you did before, it doesn't have to completely disrupt your routine. In-home rehab providers will help you learn how to keep your household running smoothly as you work toward recovery.

Care Reminders

Even traditional therapy programs often require at-home exercises and medications.

Yet, it seems that all too often, a patient will visit a doctor's office, go through a prescribed therapy session, and then return home, where they will completely forget about their personal care responsibilities.

As Bliss notes, this problem is easily avoided with in-home rehab:

"One of the reasons that in-home rehab can prove so successful is that patients typically have someone checking in on them every day to make sure they are keeping up with their recovery routine. Whether this is an in-home visit or a phone call, these reminders hold patients accountable and keep them on track with their recovery."


Many of the previously mentioned benefits of in-home rehab could easily be summarized under one word: personalization. When a therapist visits you in your home, there are no other patients or distractions that would remove their focus from your care.

Indeed, many in-home care providers have a limited number of patients so they can better customize each patient's treatments. The end result is higher-quality care that is more directly focused on your needs, ensuring a faster, more effective recovery.

Lower Costs

"Repeat visits to a traditional therapist's office can prove quite expensive," Bliss notes.

"Part of the appeal of in-home programs is that they can be less expensive than comparable in-office care. This is especially true if your situation doesn't require daily help from a healthcare provider. Depending on your situation, the care will also be covered by insurance."

Though you'll need to do your research to determine the potential costs associated with an in-home healthcare provider, special programs and benefits are often available to senior citizens and other qualified individuals to reduce expenses.

With today's expensive healthcare environment, every extra bit of savings helps.

As with a traditional physical therapist, you should do your research so that you can find an in-home healthcare specialist who is right for your needs. By combining expert input with a customized at-home treatment plan, you can fully recover from your injury and get your life back to normal.

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Should a Digital Piano be your First Piano?

Doesn't matter. Just pick a piano.


If you have money, then definitely you can make this your first piano.

Piano is one of the instruments which fascinate many people. Be it children or adults, listening to and playing this instrument gives a calming sensation to everyone.

Now there are 2 types of piano which are generally popular among people - acoustic piano and digital piano. Before you go ahead and search for the best piano, you need to decide which one you need to go with, acoustic or digital. Although each piano has its own difficulty level, if you are a beginner you can go with any depending upon your budget.

Acoustic Piano

Acoustic pianos are the traditional types, that work using hammers and steel strings. The strings are enclosed in a wooden box, and are connected to the hammers. So when you press a key of any acoustic piano, the hammer moves and then strikes the string. The strings then vibrate and produce sounds.

They are of 2 types, which you usually see in the market - Acoustic Grand Piano and Acoustic Upright Piano.

An upright piano is more compact that grand piano, where the strings run vertically instead of horizontally, like in a grand piano. They are generally for people who are a bit advanced in playing the instrument, since they come at a high cost.

If you decide to buy acoustic piano, you can go with either of the 2 depending upon the space you are looking at. Upright Pianos fit best with houses or compartments, while grand pianos can go with your restaurants or other such spaces.

Digital Piano

These are the modern and more adapted version of acoustic pianos. As the name goes, they produce sound digitally. In this, the piano has the electronic speakers, which give back the high quality sound when you press the key. You can also find the best digital pianos at bestedigitalepiano.nl.

They are of 3 types: grand, upright and portable. Out of the 3, the grand digital piano is the most superior. It has a higher quality sound system and is much more smooth with the keys. BUT, this is also the costliest piano, which is offered by very few manufacturers only.

The upright digital piano is similar to the acoustic counterpart, just that it weighs less. It is also commonly found in homes. And the portable one is the lightest of the three. While the other pianos have a full body with legs, this portable piano comes generally with a stand. And the body of this piano - keys and exterior, is made up of plastic.

So if you ask which should be the first choice for a beginner, I would definitely go with a portable digital piano. This is the cheapest and the lightest. To start with, it makes the perfect choice. Once you believe you wish to continue playing music but at a better scale, you can then switch to an upright or grand version, doesn't matter digital or acoustic.

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