Confidence is the best kind of look you can have

Confidence is the best kind of look you can have

Your best look is the confidence you see when you wake up in the morning.


When I wake up in the morning, I often run through a list in my head of all things I have to get done for the day. Depending on the day, I can feel really crappy some days because I feel bogged down with so much to do. I often lack confidence in being able to get it all done. A lot of other people don't have the problem. They wake up seeing themselves and think, "I look great and I'm going to make this day great!" They wear their confidence proudly.

Girls who have confidence show that they know exactly what they want. They smile at everything. They don't let anything get them down. They know that they will bounce back from whatever is getting them from where they need to go. They aren't afraid to show their true selves.

There are lots of times, girls don't always show that confident side of them for many reasons. One reason has to do with guys. Some guys find girls with confidence to be intimidating and often find themselves avoiding the type to know what they are doing. Lots of girls find themselves not showing off what they are made of because they want to appeal to the attractive guys that most likely are dumber than a box of rocks.

Ladies, here are a couple of things. One, intimidation is a clear sign that you know exactly what you want in life. Second, that type of guy isn't the right type of guy. The right guy should be proud to see you knowing exactly what you want and you doing whatever you can to get it. He should see that you glow with happiness and determination (because nothing is more attractive than determination and fighting for what you want in life).

Most importantly, you should see it yourself. You should see the outfit you put on that day and feel good about yourself. You should wear it with confidence without having a doubt in your mind that someone doesn't like it. Because it doesn't always matter what people think of you. You should raise your hand confidently in class to answer a question without any fear of getting it wrong. You should speak up during your work meeting to talk about a daring idea you had without being nervous about it getting shot down. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Don't let life hold you back.

I wish I had some girls' confidence. I wish I could proudly walk down the street in a mini skirt and crop top without cowering because I am afraid of what someone might think. I will continue working on the confidence that every girl should have. With living in a society of all kinds of shaming, we should be lifting each other up without having to put each other down.

You don't need a dazzling smile or a killer outfit or be the smartest kid in class to feel confident. You need to know that the world is your oyster and you make it your own. Your best look is the confidence you see when you wake up in the morning.

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Megan Pellock

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10 Reasons Why You Need Crocs In Your Life

I don't understand why you haven't bought a pair yet.

Crocs have the perception of being the world's ugliest shoe, or sometimes you hear wearing them is "social suicide". Well, I'm here to tell you everything you've heard is wrong.

1. They go with everything

Personally, after finding the perfect outfit to wear to class, I struggle finding the right shoe to wear. I think about all the walking I'm going to have to do and I always grab my Crocs. Whether I'm wearing jeans, yoga pants or even sweatpants, Crocs are always my go-to. I mean, look at these people, doesn't look like social suicide to me. Looks pretty damn good.

2. They're extremely comfortable

If you ask anyone who owns a pair of Crocs, I guarantee you they'll tell you how comfortable these shoes are. It's like walking on memory foam or a cloud, whatever anaolgy you want to use.

3. The color range is fantastic

When you go to most sites to shop, there's a color list. Crocs gives you a color wheel. A FLIPPIN' wheel. Not to mention the bunch of patterns you can choose from like, zebra, leapord, camo, and more.

4. They come with their own accessories

Don't even get my started on the little accessories that can be added to every pair of Crocs, called Jibbitz. They're like little pins that bring out your inner child. Decorate your shoes with Disney princesses or even Star Wars.

Yes, you can get Mater on your shoe.

5. They'll be your best friend in college

This may be my own personally opinion and I may be biased, but with all the walking I do on college campus, these shoes are the best purchase I've ever made. They never leave my feet smelling like death or in pain, which I think is pretty amazing.

6. They can be worn all year round

I personally would wear my classic Crocs all year round but some people may not like that idea. That's why you should know they make a variety of different styles like sandals, wedges, boots and even FLEECE lined ones. Yes I said fleece.

7. You don't have to be an adult to wear them

Maybe it's just a girl thing, but I hated that I couldn't wear my mom's 5 inch stiletto heels when I was a kid, but with Crocs that's not a problem and my dreams aren't crushed.

8. They're a unisex shoe

This life-changing experience doesn't have to be just for girls. Guys, if you want to lounge in your sweats all day, throw some Crocs on. Heck, they even make boots that don't empty out our pockets and make your feet stink, so doesn't hurt giving it a shot.

9. They give back to their community

Crocs created Crocs Cares, which has donated over 3 million pairs of shoes to people in need around the world.

10. They can be worn in water

Nothing grinds my gears more than when I go to the beach and have to take off my shoes, that just get covered in sand anyways. An added plus to Crocs is they can be worn in water.

Most of this shocking and extremely awesome information was found on the Crocs website, where you should go because I know after reading this, you really want a pair.

Cover Image Credit: Google

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I Bought My First 'Big Girl' Purse And, Damn, I Feel Like A Badass

If you see me around with my Kate Spade purse feeling like a badass, mind ya business.


To say that I am a big believer in the phrase, "treat yo self" is a complete understatement and anyone who knows me knows just how serious I encourage it to everyone.

Over spring break, I decided to take some of my advice and made two big investments.

The first one was my Canon DSLR. But we all knew that one was coming because I had been saving up my paychecks for months since last year and was ready to invest in something that would ultimately help me perfect a skill I had been wanting to learn for a while.

The other investment was a Kate Spade purse that even caught me off guard because I didn't exactly expect myself to want a purse. But you know that feeling of not knowing you needed something until you saw it? Well, that was me and from the moment I saw it, I knew there was no going back. So, I went into the store and dropped the money on the purse and just didn't look back at the impulsive decision I had just made, which was actually going against my New Year's resolution of being smarter with my money.

But you know what, treat yo self.

And if you expected me to feel bad about my purse, surprise! I don't feel bad one bit.

When I tell you I feel good about my purse and about myself with my purse, I am being so freaking honest. Now, I can't even picture myself without my purse. It might sound stupid, but it actually makes every outfit look better and makes me feel like a bad bitch.

Like the Carrie Bradshaw, the "Sex and the City" fashion queen, once said, "Balls are to men what purses are to women. It's just a little bag, but we feel naked in public without it."

So, if you see me around with my Kate Spade purse feeling like a badass, mind ya business.

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