"I was born in the wrong generation."

To the people who had had this thought once, twice, or maybe countless times throughout their life: you are an old soul. As someone who has an old soul, I realized early on that I was different from other people my age. I used to resent that I was an old soul because telling people that I'd like to have lived in the 1940s and 1950s always ended with me getting a questioning and somewhat confused look. But, over time I have begun to embrace the fact that I am different and like to do things that are considered "old." Being an old soul may not sound like a compliment but, believe me, it is a huge compliment. So, for the self-proclaimed old souls like me, this one is for you.

1. People think that you are older than you actually are.

People have to tell you to act your age but not in the way people usually think. In the case of an old soul, people have to tell you to act like you're the 19 year old that you are rather than the much older person you act like.

2. You have a great love for literature (and the book itself).

No one will ever understand how much better and satisfying it is to read a real, paper book compared to an Kindle version. Plus, the smell just isn't the same and without that wonderful book smell, what's the point of reading anyway?

3. You enjoy being alone.

Some will say that an old soul is an introvert but it is completely the opposite. An old soul enjoys being around other people from time-to-time but they want their space to think and simply enjoy their own company.

4. Staying in is more your style than going out.

An old soul and partying simply don't mix, at least not on a regular basis. An old soul is far more content to spend the night in curled up with a good book, a cup of coffee, and a warm blanket.

5. The little things make you happy.

Why have hand-written notes gone away? There is something so sincere and personal about writing and receiving them. They need to be brought back into style.

6. You get along better with adults than people your own age.

People who are the same age as you never seem to understand why you enjoy doing some of the crazy "old lady" things that you like to do so you seek out friendships with people far older than you because you finally have found a connection.

7. Black and white movies or TV shows are your favorites.

From "The Andy Griffith Show" to "I Love Lucy" all black and white television shows are your favorite. You spend hours watching the reruns that you forget that the show originally aired over 50 years ago. It doesn't matter how old the show is, it never ceases to entertain an old soul.

8. Fashion from the "Golden Age" you still think is still in style.

Style during that time was classy and at times a little risky but it worked. I mean "Grease" was a success for more than just Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta's performance, right?

For an old soul trapped inside a millennial's body life is rough, especially when people don't understand the old souls desire to simply be alone occasionally or enjoy "old things." Even though an being an old soul may make fitting into today's world a challenge, I wouldn't trade being an old soul for the world because, honestly, I just might like living life a little off of the beaten path.