Pageantry is not just about wearing long gowns, hairspray, and all the other stereotypes out there. It is a world of its own and there are a few things only pageant girls understand.

1. We get annoyed whenever someone makes a joke about "World Peace"

We're actually pretty smart & all we want to do is to be ourselves and make a difference in the world, in whatever form that may be!

2. Pageant queens are human beings too

It's easy to get caught up in the glitz and the glam and when you wear your respective title, you're expected to hold yourself as a leader and example for those around you. But, at the end of the day, we're just like everyone else, we're ourselves with a pretty crown and a passion for our purpose.

3. Yes, we all practice our crowning moments in the mirror

As much as we practice our reactions and anticipate the moment, nothing can prepare you for hearing your name be called for something you've worked so hard for!

4. Most pageants aren't like Toddlers & Tiaras

Toddlers and Tiaras doesn't represent the true sport of pageantry, it is a tiny part of a system, but not all of us do Honey Boo Boo poses; we go out and serve the community, compete in an interview and a spontaneous onstage question. In pageants, it isn't about who is the most glamorous, it's about who has the most beautiful heart.

5. We literally love food

During competition season we work diligently to be in the best shape we can be, but as soon as the pageant is over we're all running towards the burgers, cookies and ice cream.

6. Butt glue is your life saver

Let's just chop it up to the fact that we're probably the only people who have to ever buy butt glue...

7. Learning opening number is the hardest part of competition

We can practice all we want for interview, swimsuit, evening gown or onstage question...but we just pray to God that we don't mess up the opening number.

8. We're the only ones with tans in mid-January

Everything looks better when you have a tan, what can I say!

9. Our pageant sisters are like family

Pageant girls are some of the most genuine, intelligent, supportive and loving people you'll ever meet. Pageantry really does create a bond and our sisters become our family!

10. We channel our inner Beyonce on stage

Sasha Fierce. WWBD...What Would Beyonce Do?

11. Our hair is full of secrets

The bigger the hair, the closer to Jesus. You have to make sure your hair is stage ready, which means big hair and lots of hairspray!