As I am writing this I have at least 4 friends I need to respond to, and even though I know I need to, I probably still won't for a while.

I don't have my "reads" on so it's not like you'll ever be greeted with "read at 9:17 a.m.", with still no response, but anyone who contacts me via my cellular device KNOWS with 100% certainty, that I am always on my phone.

I got your message I promise, and it was not merely "delivered", it was read, viewed, scene, opened, you can clearly see there's a checkmark next to a picture of my face showing you that I read it, and I still didn't answer.

If it's a funny DM there's a 50/50% chance that I saw it and sent it over to another friend that I knew would equally enjoy seeing that adorable selfie of Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley reunited (and it feels so good).

Yet, I didn't even bother to "thank you" for showing me that heartwarming image.

I know, I suck, and I'm sorry.

It's not you, it's me, and it's something I seriously need to work on.

I'll be the first one to admit it I have lost touch with so many amazing people in my life, simply because I don't answer them.

I'm not doing it to be mean or because I don't like you, I swear.

Sometimes I really am driving or actually busy, and I know a lot of people say this, but I really do "answer in my head". I will spend a good 30 seconds contemplating my thoughts on the message, then creating a nice thought out response, that I never end up sending. Or, realize I never responded and answer roughly 5-7 hours later, when the message is barely relevant.

The worst thing is I'll find myself only going back to message that person when I have something "important" to say, then realize I never answered their last remark, and that's when I feel mean.

There are even days where I am holding my phone in my hand, practically staring at it, clearly seeing my Mom or Dad calling, and just not answer. I won't hit "reject", I'll allow it to continue to ring until it goes to voicemail, but they know.

They yell at me for it, they get very angry because they know I saw their call, and rightfully so they pay for the phone I have, to ignore their calls on. I won't fight them on it, but I will still do it.

I will get back to them at some point, usually, they will text me immediately after saying something like "just wanted to say hi" (I know your heart is breaking, mine is cold as ice) and I either will respond soon or won't. But if they ever leave a voicemail, that's when you know it's going down, something happened, and the world is ending.

So, if you ever need to get a hold of me and it's urgent I recommend calling, and leaving a voicemail because I won't answer, but I will listen to my voicemail asap.

I also LOVE a good voice memo update on your life, a play by play of the cute frat boy that talked to you in accounting, your dog's health, and anything else that you would like me to know.

If it's a voice memo I will intently listen, take notes, and respond back to you via voice memo addressing each point of discussion with proper enthusiasm in a timely matter.

Voice memo's and voicemails allow me to gather my thoughts and hear everything you have to say while giving me the freedom to respond when I can because there are just certain times it is inappropriate to speak into or on your phone, and everyone knows that, so I will not feel bad getting back to you later on.

Moral of the story I am not a good texter, snapchatter, or phone answered, and my preferred form of communication, if not in person, is voice memoing.

I am either always on my phone or have it close by so there is really no accuse not to respond.

It's something I'm trying to work on, as it is a serious issue affecting my life and personal relationships.

Don't believe me?

Ask anyone of my friends that I consistently never text back, because when the roles are reversed I will continue to send them messages until I see the "dot dot dot", showing me that they are typing.

So please remember, I love you, I just don't love texting. Or Facetiming. Please, that is NOT an option either.

But I love Instagram so if I ever don't "like" one of your pictures, it's because I actually didn't like it.