I can't wait for the semester to be ~ over ~ honestly — my classes are annoying at this point, I never want to take an eight AM class again and geology is the WOAT. I'm over general education classes and I'm just over. Ya girl needs a fresh start!!! So here are my confessions as I end the first semester of my sophomore year.

1. SKURT I'm out

What's up???? Probably just gonna leave for winter break right now.

2. At least I'm flawless

Everything is rough right now, but I know I'm gonna make it because I'm fab!!!

3. Who do these people think they are?

Getting an A on every geology exam??? What ? DO you have a dinosaur as a pet?

4. I drink so much coffee like it is probably not OK

At least I don't have geography anymore...

5. What am I doing with my life?

Forever my mood honestly.

6. The actual meaning of drinking on a Tuesday

I'm right on this one — catch me at the lib!

7. Science classes EW

Geology could be interesting if I didn't have to memorize 30 types of dinosaurs.

8. I thought this class would be fine but it is so boring

Started out sitting in the front and ended up sitting in the back of the class.

9. I have many faces of the struggle

I am having a rough time. We didn't have a fall break and The College pushed me to the edge.

10. We are almost done so BLESS UP

I'm going to make it and my GPA will be fine!

Plot twist: I actually LOVE COLLEGE!!!