My best friend likes to call me her "old maiden."

I cook her dinner but then make her leave before nine.

I usually wake up before sunrise.

That's why my bedtime is usually around eight.

A late night for me is 10pm - and that usually only happens if I'm babysitting.

Or if I'm hosting a dinner party.

I enjoy cooking and baking for people.

I also enjoy knitting.

And reading.

And teaching aqua aerobics.

I'm full of random, pointless trivia facts.

It's probably from watching Jeopardy every weeknight.

I love oatmeal and eat it almost every morning.

I also drink a lot of tea.

I always carry hard candies in my bag - butterscotches are my favorites!

If something reminds me of someone I know, I buy it for them.

It doesn't need to be a holiday or birthday for me to give one of my friends a present.

I am a couponer.

I'm always looking for the best deals.

If I want to go to the movies, it will be a matinee.

Tickets are cheaper during the day.

And I can still catch the early bird special at Cracker Barrel.

I love Cracker Barrel - especially the gift shop!

Going to craft shows is one of my favorite pass times.

I love wearing sweater - not the trendy ones, but the $9.99 sweatshirt looking ones from Boscov's.

I have seven Christmas sweaters.

I also have large, obnoxious festive earrings for every holiday.

My Christmas ones are bells and ring when I walk.

I also have a different watch to match every outfit.

I am a 20 year old grandma and proud to be one!

I mean, who doesn't love their grandma?