People ask me all the time: “Why do you work so much?” Well, um… I need money. I’m a college student with debt building and money dwindling, so every cent matters. Work is a necessity for me, but I also see it as a choice. I choose to work as much as I do. I have made the choice to finance my own education and everything else in my life. I want to feel the satisfaction of hard work and achieving what it is I am striving to do.

When I walk out of work, I feel good about myself. I feel as if I did everything I could to perform my job, and the money I walk out with is my reward. I want to feel this way all the time. Although I am just waiting on tables and probably making no lasting impact on anyone, I feel an impact on helping make someone’s night more enjoyable for them. And when I leave work, most times, I feel like I have done just that.

I do admit, however, I pick up many extra shifts. I sacrifice many Friday’s and Saturday’s in hopes of making big money on tables. This sacrifice comes with not seeing friends as often and not taking the time to rest or have fun. But for me, I would not be having fun if I was constantly worrying about having enough money to do all I need to do. I know my sacrifices now can lead to better things, like having the ability to see people and go out more often.

My world is not revolved around money, it is actually quite the opposite. I want to make enough money so I do not have to think or stress about money. By working hard, I can enjoy that luxury. When I leave work with my tip money in my hand, I am happy that I have worked hard. I am happy that I can take the initiative to do what I need to do to better my future.

Not everyone’s a workaholic and not everyone understands one, but it’s true we exist. I love my job, I love the satisfaction I get, I love being able to provide for myself, and I love the money, too. These feelings give me a sense of purpose. This is how everyone should feel when completing a workday. This is how I strive to feel when I choose a career, and just how I want to feel about everything in my life. Being able to walk away from something, someone, or somewhere and feelings that you have made a good and positive impact is a feeling that cannot be beaten.

A little work never killed anyone, anyway.