A lot of my articles have been based around music and going to concerts. It seems like every week I am going to a new show, exploring the city and meeting new people along the way.

I get a lot of opinions thrown my way when I go. It is a part of putting your life on social media, and I have accepted this fact. I'm sure many of people can relate to these things, as we have all heard them one way or another.

"Is all you do is go to concerts?"

No, it's not "all I do." Actually. I work part-time, up to 30 hours a week, and I dog sit weekly. I also go to school full-time, and I have positions in a couple of organizations.

"Do you, like, know the band?"

Nine times out of 10, the answer is no. This also differs for a lot of people. Some people have built relationships supporting someone over the years, and they can get guest-listed for a show or two. However, for the majority of people, the answer is no. Sure, some of the band members recognize me if I've seen them a few times. But it doesn't mean they "know" me.

"You know the band doesn't owe you anything, right?"

Yes. I am very aware the band doesn't owe me anything. Why would they? All they have to do is come out and play a show, and sometimes a band doesn't even do that (which has happened to me a few times). I pay money to buy a ticket. I put gas in my car to drive to a show. They play a show, and most of the time they come out and meet fans. However, a lot of the time they don't. I am aware of this fact, and I don't need anyone reinstating in for me.

"Do you spend all your money on concerts?"

What I do with my money doesn't concern anyone but me. I'll let you know I am a frivolous saver, and I budget every one of my paychecks. Each concert is accounted for, and I make sure I have enough to pay for all the expenses surrounding one. Don't worry, my life isn't only spent at concerts.

"Why would you even want to go to so many concerts?"

Why not go to "so many" concerts. The majority of my friends surround these events. I get to see live music that I love, and I get to go out and have fun. What is so wrong with that?

* * *

So, yes, I go to concerts — sometimes more than the average human. Hope this inspires you to go to another concert in your near future!