What is the fall season without cliches? Coffee shops leaf us with no other option than to order a pumpkin spice latte, and there’s nothing more BOO-tiful than orange leaves in October. Come November, we mix business with pleasure. Since Thanksgiving is on its way, we’re talking fashion and food.

This Thanksgiving, you can eat all you want, like it’s nobody’s business, in your new mini dress. There’re ways to avoid worrying about looking bloated when it's your turn to be photographed for your family’s holiday greeting card. Here are five Thanksgiving Day tips for what you can wear to help you conceal the bloat after enjoying a large dinner:

1. Out-gloss the roasted turkey sitting pretty at the center of the buffet table in a crushed velvet dress

Velvet fabrics are best suited to be worn during fall and winter. Its fuzzy texture is a seasonally appropriate fashion statement, as temperatures begin to drop. The neckline-to-hem ruching that happens on a crushed velvet dress will create the illusion that your waistline is sinched and smaller than it actually is.

2. A faux fur vest will faux real cover up your tummy region

Bodycon dresses are a comfortable choice for dining in because they’re stretchy and won’t make you feel constricted while you’re seated. If you’re self-conscious about the way your belly looks when sitting, the faux fur vest will stay relaxed on your lap and keep your rolls covered.

3. One, two, three (horizontal) stripes, you’re out

While stripes can elongate a surface, horizontal stripes will make you appear wider than you are. Unlike vertical stripes, horizontal stripes will emphasize the roundness of your curviest body features.

4. Hide the width of your midsection by opting out of tiny print patterns

Similar to horizontal stripes, a tiny print might draw more attention to your tummy because the pattern will exaggerate the fullest parts of your body by clinging to your curves. Wearing a large floral print will keep the eye from focusing on the outline of your body's curvature.

5. Your little brother’s marching band t-shirt...because I’m ‘bout to be real with you

For Thanksgiving break, we pack our clothes as if we’re going to spend Monday night at a gala, have brunch with a blind date on Tuesday, go ice skating in style on Wednesday, and have tea with the queen on Thursday. In reality, when we’re home for the holidays we spend a majority of the time kicking back in pajamas waiting for three week's worth of laundry to be done.

Now it's time to let that turkey on the Thanksgiving table know who won "Best Dressed" this year.