Things To Compliment People On

Everyone loves a compliment in the right setting with the right intentions, but beauty is subjective. Complimenting someone on something other than their appearance can give someone a creative or moral confidence boost that they need. Here are some thongs to compliment others on that isn't about their looks:

1. His or her work ethic.

Working hard is something everyone should do without reward, but sometimes it is nice to get praise for the work you do. Complimenting someone on how much they have studied or their contribution to a group project is a small thing you can do to boost motivation and increase productivity.

2. His or her unconventional taste.

Some people experiment with their hair, style, music taste, whatever, all of the time. Complimenting someone on something new they're trying out could give them that confirmation that they need to keep exploring their individuality and creativity.

3. His or her personality.

Everybody is known for something. Whether it's being funny, or being kind, or being the mom friend, it is part of who they are and how they go through life. Thanking them for making you constantly laugh, taking care of you when you drink a little too much at the tailgate, or just being the nicest friend you know will let them know you are thinking of them and appreciate them.

4. His or her skills.

Some people are aspiring MUA's and try out new looks every day. Some people are aspiring bloggers and fill your feed with new posts every day, some people are dedicated gym rats letting you know they're at the gym to better themselves. All of these are great aspirations and giving them a little nod of encouragement could go a long way in their push to reach their goals.

5. His or her confidence.

Confidence varies from person to person in how it is expressed. Noticing someone is completely comfortable and in their element, can encourage them to keep it up and continue to be their unapologetically authentic self.

6. His or her academics.

This one is more for close friends and family, but if you know someone works hard for their grades, make sure to acknowledge each accomplishment and let them know their work is worth it.

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