I Really Can't Complain About My Body

Today during my school's lunch my female friends were complaining about the "bullshit" that is the standards of beauty. One girl who has her hair dyed blonde (Naturally brown) was saying how its not fair that women have to have their nails done, dye their hair, wax their eyebrows.. and the list goes on and on and on.. but hearing her rant about these things I realized something, I really cannot complain about my body! Here's a list of the standards of beauty women "have to" have to be considered pretty.

1. Eyebrows

Naturally, my eyebrows aren't caterpillars to the point I have to wax them every two weeks(let's be honest some girls do more than that). I get them waxed for special events, however my eyebrows aren't awful, in fact they follow my "desired" shape quite well, as I am a soft arch.

2. Dying your hair

So many people dye their hair blonde, (Platinum blonde to be exact) when this is my natural color, and well, I mean blonde blonde, not a dirty blonde or a possible dirty blonde! When I was five my hair was practically white (let's be honest I'm basically two shades darker than a platinum blonde)

Blonde is the most common hair color. However, only 2% of the world is naturally blonde. For other statistics, 1% of the world is naturally red, 13% is brown, 64% is black, and 20% is under "other"(grey, white, auburn, ect.)

3. Shaving... everywhere

Let's face it as a women you're expected to shave your legs, armpits, other places... However, as a natural blonde, you can't see my arm hair (not everyone shaves this but some people do) or my leg hair, so no I don't shave every day! What's it matter? You can't see it anyway! However, armpit hair I do have to shave, but I shave that every time I shower, and tbh it's not that difficult!

4. Acne

Well, your teenage years have come, for most people this means acne! Well.. those with oily skin.. which I don't have, which means no acne for me! Well, I get the occasional pimple or zit.. but overall, I have pretty clear skin!

5. Having small boobs

The theory here is that if you have small boobs you won't be seen as "attractive", but again, the majority of female teens don't surpass a B cup until they are pregnant or unless they gain a lot of weight! I am neither of those things and I am a double D cup. (And the back pain ani't worth it, but this is about me not complaining!)

6. Having no butt

Again, in today's world, everyone wants a big butt, or a women with a big butt! We've already established I have curves, so is a big butt included in that? You betcha!

7. Not finding a guy that isn't a snake

Let's face it, all you seem to hear girls complain about is that the guy they were talking to "suddenly changed". And honey, nothing is wrong with you! That guy is just after you for his own mere entertainment. However, I have had a fair share of guys hit on me, but I've been in a relationship for the past two and a half years and my boyfriend isn't "flaky or fakey" (see what I did there?), in fact he's absolutely amazing! So I can't really relate to this one.. or even try to.. moving on!

8. Getting your nails done

I really don't have anything with this, it was just a beauty standard. However with me, I really don't care if my nails are done or not.. simply because, well 9 times out of 10 my nails will be short and filed down into a smooth circle, and that's good enough for me!

9. Skinny

Ah yes, what one must have to achieve to be seen as "pretty" or even "desirable" (Which isn't true). But you can't just be skinny, you have to have a perfectly flat stomach!.. which is scientifically impossible, unless you're always sucking in your stomach! So, shocker! I don't have a perfectly flat stomach, but I'm happy with my stomach! I mean I'm a size 3 soo...

10. Hourglass shape

There are many body types out there, and all of them are beautiful. The one that, again, seems to be "desired" most is the hourglass one, according to google. And only 8% of women are this shape!! To see if you are an hourglass shape, click here.

Remember, you are so much more than your physical appearance. The next time you want to compare yourself to another girl because she has what you want, I encourage you to look at yourself again. So what you don't have an hourglass figure? You may still have big boobs or a big butt! So what if you don't have big boobs or a big butt, you don't have acne! So what if you have acne, you're still skinny! Trust me, if you take into account everything about you, not just your physical appearance, I think you'll come to find what you like. Truth is, doing this article raised my self-esteem, and having a high self-esteem doesn't seem that common these days! So I encourage you to look at everything! And remember everyone has flaws! I mean for me, my teeth have gaps and aren't even, plus I'm super pale(I'm talking paler than a ginger pale)! However, in the mean time remember...

You Are Beautiful!

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