1. Quick costume changes.

You'd be amazed at what we can change into in under a minute.

2. Buying new shoes every year.

We all know they always get holes or ugly marks on them. Capezio, you're our best friend.

3. Pinning your costumes.

There was always that one costume that just didn't fit you right. Safety pins for the save!

4. Insane amounts of hairspray.

Your head is so crunchy and stiff by the end of the day that when you take your ponytail out, your hair basically stays the same.

5. Waiting backstage for your number to be called for forever when there's nobody onstage.

There hasn't been anyone on stage for 15 minutes now but you're ready to go on.

6. Awards.

These are always painfully long.

7. Listening to judges' critiques.

As helpful as they can be, they are always entertaining to listen to.

8. "How do you remember all of those routines?"

Muscle memory, baby.

9. Fake eyelashes.

Your eyes feel like there are ten pounds on them

10. Stretching while doing homework.

Just pop into splits and get that math done.

11. You've had a routine to almost every song ever.

*Song comes on the radio* "Oh, I've danced to this!"

12. You hated recitals.

They were kind of pointless after 7 competitions.

13. Screaming and cheering for your friends.

You usually lose your voice the next day.

14. Rhinestoning everything.

Bling, bling.

15. Prop dads are our heroes.

What would we do without them?

16. "How was your competition? Did you win?"

It doesn't quite work like that.

17. Bruises.

You didn't know where they came from half the time.

18. Competition hangovers.


19. That one competition that doesn't use platinum or gold.

You confused the shit out of us.

20. You spent more time at the studio than you did at home.

Your dance friends were your family.

21. Cringing at your old competition videos.

You don't know if you should laugh or cry at these.