Communication Is An Important Aspect In ANY Relationship, Not Just Romantic Ones

Communication Is An Important Aspect In ANY Relationship, Not Just Romantic Ones

Explanation leaves out room for assumption.


I've heard a lot of people talk about how important communication is when you're dating someone. And it's true; it's good to try and understand your partner's thoughts so that you can better arrange your own actions and emotions. That being said, I wish we would have this same mentality in all of our relationships.

Good communication shouldn't just be a virtue that we search for in our romantic relationships. Friendships and familial relationships rely on strong communication, too. It's so much easier to just tell someone how you feel rather than trying to make them guess, because telling them leaves out any room for assumption.

It helps them understand how you are feeling and how they can address it, which can go a long way. I promise the silent treatment won't get you anywhere. In fact, it'll probably make you both even more upset. Instead, tell people how you feel, and you'll get so much more clarity and reassurance than you would without that communication.

But we shouldn't just express our emotions when we have a problem, either. It's good to remind your friends and family every so often that you love and appreciate having them in your life. You never know when they might need some extra reassurance, and expressing it can be exactly what they needed to hear.

So, be open and honest in all of your relationships and not just your romantic ones. Don't be afraid to tell others how they make you feel, because in the end, you'll be so much happier than if you leave them to constantly guess where they stand.

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