Leaving school for winter break is a combination of excitement, dread, happiness, and boredom--there's a little bit of everything. Lucky for us, there are so many things that can occupy our time. Here are 5 things that I like to do when I'm home:

1. Sleep

There is nothing quite like the cozy, cuddled up feeling of being in your own bed. We all know how little sleep we get being a college student, so, there really is nothing like going home, being in your home bed, and simply sleeping in peace and quiet.

2. Eat

Who needs a dining all when you've got your mom's cooking? After all, there is nothing like mama's home-cooked meals. There is also no better feeling than actually eating to please your cravings. Rather than being stuck with pasta from the dining hall every day when craving eggs, you can make those eggs without a problem while at home. Home food has never tasted so good.

3. Hang with friends

You missed them so much during the year, and have so much to catch up on. Spend time with your home friends, day ones, and catch up on their lives. See how they are doing, what is new with them, and how much you have missed in their lives since you parted your ways for college.

4. Read (for pleasure!)

The school year doesn't give you much time to dive into a good book, so use this month of freedom to open your literature horizons. Instead of reading an assigned book you have absolutely no interest in, read one that you have been wanting to read. This is the time to enjoy a good book.

5. Netflix marathon

Now that there are no exams or essay hanging over your head, it is perfect timing for guilt-free Netflix binges. Explore all the addictive shows that you tried to resist during the school year.

Get ready for snow, hot chocolate, and a lot of good old fashioned home time!