Coming Home From College As Told By The Office

Coming Home From College As Told By The Office

Have a great summer, from your favorite paper company.

1. Realizing you have to leave all of your college friends for four months

2. But also realizing you get to see all your friends back home

3. Just wanting to relax but knowing you have to go back to your summer job

4. How is the school year already over?

5. The happiness of reuniting with your pets

6. Eating constantly because you’re so bored all the time

7. Losing all of the freedom you had grown accustomed to

8. Trying to be healthy the first week home

9. ...And then giving that up the next week

10. Counting down the days until you can go back

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Every Oklahoma Kid That Went To Falls Creek Growing Up Knows How True All Of These Things Are

If you didn't complain about all of the hills at least once, did you even go to Falls Creek?


Falls Creek: the best camp on Earth, don't @ me.

If you were a church-going kid in Oklahoma, or even just a kid in Oklahoma in general, you probably went to Falls Creek. We all have our own, unique memories that are individual to us, but there are some things that EVERYONE experienced.

First and foremost:


Samantha Wolf

Bunk beds are never very fun, but getting to bunk with your best friend was awesome. Packing all of your bedding for camp is quite another thing.

2. Professional Tabernacle Pics

Crystal Thorman

We all took them! We had a scheduled time to take camp pictures on the tabernacle steps in that year's theme shirt. (This year was my personal favorite)

3. Mini Mountain Climbing


Climbing all of the hills was a workout, we all had killer calves by the end of the week.

4. What Are Swimsuits?

We don't wear those. Of course there were always a few that would try to slide by this rule, but dark colored tees and shorts were the only acceptable swimwear. Don't worry about getting bad tan lines, because we all left with farmer's tans.

5. Icee Dates

Image result for falls creek davis ok icee date

If you didn't go on an icee date at least once, did you even go to Falls Creek? While yes, you go to Falls Creek for church and to worship God with others your age, but meeting new people from all over was so much fun. Going on an icee date with your "Falls Creek boyfriend/girlfriend" was the best.

6. Blowing Your Parents Money In The Gift Shop Like They Told You Not To


We needed every nickel. Not because we truly needed it, but because we like knickknacks and stickers and tee shirts. $4 for a pencil, heck yea!

7. The 5k Run

Image result for falls creek davis ok worship

Whether you ran it or not, you knew about it because everyone wore their tee shirts the next day. It was a hard run with all the hills, but pretty fun!

8. Thursday = Cry Night

Image result for cry night falls creek davis ok

By Thursday night, we are all feeling the Lord. Being in this type of atmosphere, it is very hard not to. I don't know what causes it, it is definitely a God thing, but most people really feel moved to God by Thursday or at least acknowledge any changes we may need to make in our lives. We all cry--tears of sadness, joy, shame, whatever it may be.

9. Water Slides

Image result for falls creek davis ok worship

All I can say is hold on to your bottoms and watch out for turtles!

10. Oceans

Image result for falls creek davis ok worship

"Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior." These lyrics we all know, we all love, and will still sing at the tops of our lungs.

11. The ABC Tree

Image result for falls creek davis ok big hill

ABC--Already Been Chewed. It's kinda gross but you have got to admit that it is still pretty cool.

12. Finding Your Group In The Tabernacle

Image result for falls creek davis ok big hill

Having the coolest sign always called for bragging rights. My FBC Idabel crew had some pretty impressive signs, if I must say so myself.

13. This Guy

Image result for falls creek davis ok big hill

Andy Harrison. He is there every year, gives a great message and makes a totally awesome French Simon.

14. Cabin Games

Samantha Wolf

Each cabin is different, but jello twister was definitely something you don't forget. Ping pong tournaments are also a must.

15. Volleyball is INTENSE

Related image

If you didn't win, you weren't trying hard enough. Sand in the shorts, sun burns, and burnt feet on the hot ground--volleyball.

16. The Ropes Course

Image result for swimming at falls creek davis ok

I was a scaredy cat and would never try the ropes course, but if you did, kudos to you! It looks so fun and is one of the few activities you can do in the shade!

Is there Falls Creek for adults, no? But I wish! What are your favorite camp memories?

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Crystal Thorman

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3 Ways to Save Money on parking

Whether you're in a big city or on a college campus, parking doesn't have to cost you a fortune.


When you're in college or you live in a big city, you know just how stressful parking your car can be. Either you spend a fortune on parking every day, or you spend an hour finding a free spot that may never even appear. Luckily, there's a few ways you can save money and time on parking so you don't have to stress so much any more.

1. There's an App for That


There are tons of apps for parking that will tell you where to find the most affordable parking lots and whether there are spots available. Most college campuses will have apps just for their parking garages that will tell you what percentage of spots are open so you'll know whether you can snag a spot. Using these apps will save you both money and time because you can see how much parking will cost you and whether it's worth looking for a free or cheaper spot.

2. Use Parking Coupons


If you're parking in an airport or a big city where you can't avoid paying for parking, you should check out google for parking coupons before spending your money. This may only save you a few dollars, but over time it can really make a difference and make parking a little bit more bearable. All you need to do is google the parking garage and type in coupons after the name and see if anything comes up. You'll be surprised by how much savings are out there.

3. Don't Rush


The most important way you can save money on parking is to allow yourself plenty of time to find free or affordable parking. If you're in a rush and you're trying to park during peak hours, you're either not going to find any parking spots or you'll drop a fortune. If you can avoid these peak hours by being ahead of schedule, you can save a ton of money on parking your car every day.

Parking on college campuses and in big cities doesn't have to mean you'll be breaking the bank. To save money, you need to be proactive and seek out free or discounting parking, and make sure you always have plenty of time to find good spots.

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