"I want the music to be happy and uplifting and fun, the new album is just happy".

With Summer just around the corner, things are heating up in the music world as well. Big Sam's Funky Nation, a band based in New Orleans consisting of "Big Sam" Williams, Drew Baham, Jerry Henderson, Keenan McRae, Alfred Jordan, and Kendrick Marshall, is about to release their brand new album Songs in the Key of Funk.

While the whole album comes out on May 4th, their new single Buzzin' is ready to be streamed on various platforms including iTunes and Spotify! You can also listen to Buzzin' by clicking here. If you like what you hear Big Sam's Funky Nation is going on the road and you can find them at over twenty different shows until November!

About a month away from the release of Songs in the Key of Funk, I discussed new music, touring, musical inspirations and family life we frontman and trombonist, Big Sam Williams. Buzzin' provides an 80's funk vibe and much of that sound will be mirrored in the new album. There's also going to be a "party vibe all around, it's a dance album."

Big Sam told me that the purpose of this album is for the listener to "dance and have fun". Since this is the goal of the album, I asked Williams what kind of inspiration he draws from the most while making music, and Prince came to mind. This is clear as you listen to Buzzin' as well.

After discussing the music, I wanted to know whether or not his role in the HBO series Treme was influential in his musical career.

The role he plays is very much modeled after himself and a lot of his own personal influence goes into the character on the show. As our conversation came to a close I had to ask Williams whether or not he hopes his twin sons get into music as well.

Much like his carefree spirit when it comes to music, Williams replied with "I support them 100%. If they don't want to I don't mind", but seeing as their lives will be filled with the uplifting music of their father, I can't imagine the two of them not wanting to follow in his footsteps.