While being sick anywhere is miserable, being sick at school could be one of the worst places to be. No parents to dote over your well-being, no excuse for missing class unless you are literally dying and get a note from health services, and no home cooked meals.

However, there are a few things that you can do to make your sick experience just a tiny bit better

1. Go to bed early

This is something that my mom has been saying for as long as I can remember, "all you need is a good night sleep and you will feel better". And in all honesty, the older I get the more I see the validity to these words. So, if you are feeling under the weather at school I suggest going to bed as early as possible, and hopefully, you will start to feel better quickly

2. Find a good Netflix show

Sometimes all you need is to take your mind off of how icky you are feeling. So, binge on your current Netflix fave, or find a new show that you haven't started, and allow yourself to enjoy mind-numbing hours of watching as you try to nurse yourself back to good health

3. Take medicine

I am the first one to shun away medicine, I don't like the false feeling that you're better, and I don't like the fact that they're not natural. But when you're at college a friendly phone call from your parent telling your principal that you're sick just doesn't cut it in terms of an excuse. So if you're going to have to be in class anyway, you might as well not feel like death while your there.

4. Eat soup

This may be corny and may be expected, but honestly can go a long way. While it might not be homemade, Campbell's soups take about a minute to microwave and the warm broth goes a long way to ease your pain. So if you can access them: SOUP SOUP SOUP!

5. Let yourself take a break

While the hustle and bustle of college and work may seem like there is no way out, sometimes we need a break. And being sick is the perfect time to give yourself one. So while there may be stuff that you simply cannot put off, I advise waiting to do anything that you can until you're feeling better. Not only will you be happier, but your quality of work will probably be better too

Ultimately, being sick is never fun, especially when you're not home. But if you follow these tips, hopefully, it will be just a bit less miserable.