Colorado Companies With Online Donation Requests
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Colorado Companies With Online Donation Requests


Colorado Companies With Online Donation Requests

Have you heard of Charity Safaris? If so, you are not alone. This company is also based in Colorado and accepts online donation requests. Here is a closer look at the company's online donation form. If you want to get involved, submit a donation request for your nonprofit organization today! It is easy and free! You will find a list of Colorado-based companies that accept donation requests online by reading this article.

list of Companies with Online Donation Requests

Several Colorado companies have created online donation requests for their employees and customers to make it easy to contribute to charitable causes.

Charity Safaris

You can help charities and worthy causes by submitting an online donation request for hunting safaris. Charity Safaris partners with international hunting outfitters to offer donation hunting packages to worthy causes. You can use these hunting trips to raise funds for charity and help wildlife conservation while enjoying an adventure. Charity Safaris works with auctioneers and auction coordinators to facilitate fundraising events by supplying display materials and paperwork. They strive to make the work of auction teams as easy as possible. This company is one of the top Colorado Companies with Online Donation Requests.

One of the many charities that Charity Safaris helps raise funds for is Notre Dame Academy, a Catholic school in Jersey City, NJ. It offers education to children from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade and has been accredited since 1988. Its mission is to develop academic excellence, personal growth, and Christian values in every student. Notre Dame Academy is dedicated to educating the whole person, including their mental health and spirituality.

The Broadmoor

The Broadmoor is one of the most significant companies for fundraisers after the Charity Safari. They request donations from the organizations and ask them to fill out the forms. Later forms are sent back to the organizations via email or fax. Broadmoor is committed to raising funds; however it depends on the organization’s mission, the population served, etc.

KSE Merchandise

Colorado-based merchandise company provides promotional products and apparel to nonprofits and businesses. For donations to be eligible, the organization must be a 501c3 non-profit and provide a tax ID number on the application. The online donation form must be completed entirely and received at least six (6) weeks before the request is needed. The exception to this deadline is for organizations that organize fundraisers for severely ill or injured people. Till now, this company has made $100000 in online donations.

Colorado Eagles

Colorado Eagles are the minor league ice hockey team that raised funds for various nonprofits. Their donation eligibility is the same as KSE Merchandise. The organization must be a 501c3 non-profit. And if the donation gets approved, the nonprofit will receive a donation product or service of up to $500.

Colorado Rapids

This soccer club has made a big difference by sorting many lives. This foundation donates and supports nonprofits. Recently it has donated funds to local elementary schools and promoted healthy childhood development. They helped the school to make a mini-pitch and made a safe place to play for the children.

When it comes to giving back, many companies in Colorado are more than happy to accept donations online. These companies can provide donations to worthy nonprofit organizations and are eager to support causes that help their communities. We have mentioned the top companies that can help you fundraise online. Some of the biggest companies in Colorado accept requests from nonprofit organizations via email. These companies focus on several areas, including education, the environment, and health. Then, some have a more narrow focus, such as sports and art.

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