Why Colony House Is Your New Favorite Band

Why Colony House Is Your New Favorite Band

This indie rock quartet hailing from Tennessee will steal your heart.

If you're in need of some good indie rock music, keep reading! Colony House might just be your new favorite band. Hailing from Tennessee, the four guys who make up Colony House are wrapping up their U.S. tour this April, which began mid-February. An impressive amount of dates on the tour sold out, and many were dangerously close.

I caught the quartet at The Foundry at the Fillmore in Philadelphia on March 1, and this band puts on an incredible show. I've listened to their music for a few years, and always loved it, but never got the chance to see them live until last month.

Now, Colony House has officially made their way onto my must-see list next time they come to the city nearest me. Everything from the lighting and visuals, to the incredibly talented musicians, to the thrilling atmosphere created between the band and the crowd was above and beyond perfect. These four geniuses have mastered impossibly and make irresistible music together.

"Silhouettes” is the band’s most notable song from the 2014 album “When I Was Younger,” but the success of their latest album is not far behind. “Only The Lonely” was released on January 13th, 2017 from RCA Records. Hit after hit, jam after jam, Colony House deserves every bit of recognition they can get for this album.

Check it out below and follow them on Twitter!

Cover Image Credit: Original Image by Annie Condodina

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Which Movie Wedding Will You Dare to Copy

It is almost impossible to beat the silver screen for beautiful wedding inspiration.

It is almost impossible to beat the silver screen for beautiful wedding inspiration. Movie weddings indeed come in a variety of themes and styles: from classic ceremonies with timeless vintage dresses to ultra-chick parties with designer gowns and incredible decorations. No wonder, the silver screen is the first place to look for memorable wedding ideas! Start with the following:

1. A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember, which is based on the Nicholas Sparks’ eponymous novel, is undoubtedly one of the most romantic drama films ever. Even though it ends in tragedy, the story of Landon and Jamie still lives on, just like the wedding scene in this movie. Thus, if you prefer romantic and slightly old-fashioned style, here are some ideas you might want to copy:

  • classic chapel wedding (for example, in the chapel your parents got married in);
  • white vintage inspired wedding dress with a veil;
  • minimal decorations, but with several large floral aisle arrangements.

2. Love, Actually

Love, Actually is a Christmas-themed romantic comedy film that shows the love stories of eight different couples with all their ups and downs. This iconic movie not only tells us much about our relationships but also gives some unexpected wedding ideas that can be easily used in real life. Let’s just remember one of its most memorable scenes when Juliet marries Peter. What to pay your attention to:

  • boldly translucent, fashion-forward bridal gown;
  • feather-adorned layered look;
  • giant band with carol singers in the church.

3. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1

The Twilight Saga is a romantic fantasy film based on a popular novel series by Stephenie Meyer. The vampire-human love between Edward and Bella is actually known throughout the world not only among Twilight fans but among brides-to-be too. After all, Bella’s dress by Carolina Herrera, as well as the whole wedding ceremony, is undoubtedly stunning. No wonder, you might want to recreate this fairy tale into your own fantastic wedding. Here are the most memorable ideas to borrow:

  • forest wedding with rustic wood décor;
  • crepe satin dress with open-lace back;
  • flowers cascading from the trees.

4. The Godfather

The Godfather is a famous American crime film inspired by the eponymous novel by Mario Puzo. This multi-generational saga about the Corleone family is indeed one of the greatest movies in world cinema and also a perfect source of ideas for those dreaming of a wedding in the Italian mafia style. Moreover, it is also a really good example of how to plan an amazing wedding for a big family. Things to include in your ‘Connie and Carlo’ inspired wedding:

  • beautiful country house wedding venue;
  • classic lacy gown combined with the mantilla veil;
  • live old country and jazz music.

5. Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! is a romantic comedy film based on the fantastically successful Broadway musical of the same name. It tells us a story of a bride-to-be Sophie trying to find her real father before the big day. Along with that, this movie is a real guide for planning a romantic destination celebration. White sand, startling blue sea, ABBA hits – what can be better for your dream beach wedding? Most likely only the following ideas to be incorporated:

  • silk-chiffon multi-tiered wedding gown;
  • cute mermaid hair with a laurel headpiece and a veil;
  • candy-colored tropical drinks for more romantic and exotic feel.

6. The Vow

The Vow is another touching romantic drama film, which is, by the way, based on a real-life story of love that refuses to be forgotten. It tells us the story of Leo who is trying to regain the love of his wife Paige after she loses her memories in a car crash. One of the most memorable scenes in this movie is certainly the wedding where Leo and Paige exchange their own vows in the museum. Thus, if you want to have a unique, big city wedding, the following ideas are right for you:

  • short, pink wedding dress for your playful look;
  • stylish wedding rings inspired by The Vow movie;
  • wonderful romantic vows written on your own.

7. The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

The Princess Diaries is a romantic comedy film based on the eponymous series of books by Meg Cabot. This almost fairytale story tells us about a San Francisco girl Mia who discovers she is the heir to the throne of Genovia. However, the most notable moment in this movie is undoubtedly Mia walking down the aisle in a mind-blowing gown. After all, a royal wedding is a dream of almost any girl. So what to include?

  • a lace-sleeved off-the-shoulder gown;
  • crystal tiara and a long veil;
  • lots of floral aisle arrangements.

These are only a few movies to watch if you need some inspiration for your own big day. Needless to say, the silver screen is full of brilliant ideas for any taste and style. So girls, which movie wedding will you dare to copy?

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Global Commercial Charbroilers & Grill Market 2018 Manufacturers, Types, Application and Region

Global Commercial Charbroilers & Grill Market 2018

MarketsResearch.biz include new Commercial Charbroilers & Grill  market research report 2018-2023 Report on "Global Commercial  Charbroilers & Grill Market manufatures, Competition, Status and  Forecast, Market Size by Players, Regions, Type, Application" to its  huge collection of research reports.

This report on the global Commercial Charbroilers & Grill market  is highly useful as it covers all the aspects which are important in  determining the future of this industry. The Commercial Charbroilers  & Grill report is collated by experienced analysts who have made use  of their market intelligence to cover all basic and important data  about the global Commercial Charbroilers & Grill manufatures  industry. 

Get Sample Report Here: https://www.marketsresearch.biz/report/global-commercial-charbroilers-grill-market-2017-125720/#request-sample

The Commercial Charbroilers & Grill market report makes use of  tables, charts, graphs, maps, and statistics to present the data in the  easiest to understand way. The Commercial Charbroilers & Grill  market report is a comprehensive analysis of the key factors impacting  the global Commercial Charbroilers & Grill industry. This Commercial  Charbroilers & Grill market manufatures report includes both the  driving factors as well as the restraining factors that are influencing  the market's performance positively and negatively, respectively.

Top Companies Analysis Mentioned,

   • ITW Food Equipment Group LLC. (Vulcan)
  • Bakers Pride
  • The Montague Company
  • MagiKitch’n, Inc.
  • Southbend
  • Wells, Bloomfield, LLC
  • Castle Stove
  • Toastmaster Corp.
  • Garland Group

The current trends shaping the global Commercial Charbroilers &  Grill market and how it will influence the Commercial Charbroilers &  Grill market in the future are also studied. In addition to this, the  future opportunities within the Commercial Charbroilers & Grill  market that have the potential to help the market to expand are also  given in the Commercial Charbroilers & Grill report.

Get Full Report Here: https://www.marketsresearch.biz/report/global-commercial-charbroilers-grill-market-2017-125720/

The segments within the global Commercial Charbroilers & Grill  industry and their sub-segments are also studied in detail. This ensures  that the entire Commercial Charbroilers & Grill market is covered.  The leading segment along with the declining segment and the most  promising segment has been given in this Commercial Charbroilers &  Grill report. This helps the readers, investors, new entrants, and  established players to decide which segment or sub-segment to invest on  so as to reap maximum profits. 

The Commercial Charbroilers & Grill market report discusses the  degree of competition, bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power  of buyers, and a threat of substitutes, both internal and external  substitute of Commercial Charbroilers & Grill market. The threat of  new entrants or the barriers faced by new players in entering the global  Commercial Charbroilers & Grill market has been discussed. This  gives new players an idea as to whether they can survive in the  competitive Commercial Charbroilers & Grill market.

About Us: 

"MarketsResearch.biz"  is a  leading market intelligence team which accredits and provides the  reports of  some of the top publishers in the field of technology  industry. We are as a  firm expertise in making extensive reports that  cover all the necessary details  about the market assessments such as  major technological improvement in the  industry.

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