March is here. Nights are becoming lighter, weather is slowly getting warmer, NCAA Basketball is getting intense, and for college students, it's means two words, spring break.

For many years, March has been the month when most schools have their time off. It's when students travel, spend time with family, hang out with friends, party, and of course, drink.

Despite having it a week or two before the season officially begins, is it time for colleges to push spring break to April? Here are six reasons why waiting the extra month, is not a bad idea.

1. Warmer weather

April is the first full month of spring and in most of the country, temperatures are bringing warmer weather. This would also allow those who aren't able to travel, to still enjoy nice weather even though it might not be as nice as where their friends and peers are.

2. More to do

Since the weather is warmer in April, it gives people the opportunity to spend more time outdoors. Who says you need to travel out of or across the country or even down south to a beach when a heatwave (they do occasionally occur in the month) can bring you to a local one?

3. It's actually spring

Ironically, college spring breaks are not in the spring. Instead,they usually occur toward the end of winter. If schools pushed them back a month, then they would actually be during the season.

4. Students wouldn't have to worry about midterms

Although it would be a month before finals, students would be able to relax and not have to think about taking or studying for a midterm, if schools pushed their spring break back a month. Besides, who wants to think about academics while in an ocean or by the pool?

5. Families with both younger and college age children would be able to vacation together before summer

Parents with children in elementary,middle,and high school along with college, wouldn't have to wait until summer to embark on a family vacation.

6. Would allow students to see their relatives for Passover and Easter

Both religious holidays might not always be around the same time however, when they are, children are usually off from school. College students aren't though. If they had off in April instead of March, then families would get to see all their children. Also, Thanksgiving and Christmas wouldn't be the only holidays where students get to see their relatives.