No matter if you're a high school student, a college freshman, or simply watching some TV, someone will say that college, most specifically your undergraduate years, will be the best years of your life. Hearing this sentiment all the time gave me some pretty high expectations for college, almost none of which were realized.

When I thought about college I thought about living with my best friends, whether in a dorm room or in an apartment. I thought about study abroad and trips to visit my friends at school. I thought about how amazing my major would be and being incredibly involved on campus. I thought of fantastic internships in the city and opportunities too great to be true.

Almost none of this came to pass. Instead of falling in love with my freshman roommate, I felt quite the opposite sentiment. By sophomore year, I had already had three roommates. I didn't go into sophomore year with a roommate. Instead, I got a random who didn't speak and didn't leave the room. She left after three days. Junior year I also found random people to live with. My college rooming situation never turned out to be what you see in movies.

I didn't study abroad and I didn't get an internship in Washington, D.C. or New York. But what I did get was the peace if knowing other people face disappointment in college too. My undergrad won't be the best years of my life, and that's okay because I still have so much life ahead of me. I have accomplished a lot, but I have more to accomplish. And even if they won't be the best four years of my life, at least I made some amazing friends to help me along with way.