College Life Told By Wendy Williams
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Student Life

College Life As Told By The Queen Of Daytime TV, Wendy Williams


College Life As Told By The Queen Of Daytime TV, Wendy Williams

Ah, College. The best (and sometimes worst) times of our young, 20-something lives. Sometimes there are triumphs and sometimes there are tribulations. One day you feel on top of the world and motivated, while other days you have the urge to sit in your shower and cry all day. It's one big, fun, and fast rollercoaster. College is a place to find who you are and soak up as much knowledge as you can while trying to survive off of McDonald's, instant ramen, and desperation.

However, there is no real way to define the entire college experience in words. So, this week, I have decided to show my talents in using reaction pictures and GIFs by giving a quick glimpse into the college lifestyle using reaction pictures and GIFs of the Queen of Daytime TV, Wendy Williams!

1. Walking into your first-ever college class in an outfit you picked out the night before. 


We all know that girl (or guy) walking into their 10 a.m. class as if it's a red carpet event. High school might've been a fashion show, but college is FAR from a fashion show.

2. Walking into class late...with the cup of coffee that made you late. 


I've fallen victim to this. Waking up in the outfit from the night before, rolling out of bed, stopping at the on-campus Starbucks two minutes before class starts. It's become my normal Tuesday morning.

3. When you're up late studying and you aren't sure if the "A" is worth it anymore. 


This usually happens while studying for the second test in the class. You may think you have wiggle room to bring up your grade, but trust me, there is no wiggle room.

4. When your professor says "I will not drop any assignments, I will not round up your grade, and there is NO extra credit."


A professor who isn't willing to help their students succeed in their class is a professor I would NEVER want to have!

5. When you score free food on campus. 


We all know the feeling of getting free food. It's almost like finding hidden treasure. Free food tastes better - always. To the student clubs who tirelessly recruit people by using pizza to lure people to your club...continue to do that...please.

6. When you're trying to inconspicuously cheat on an exam you barely studied for. 


It's very entertaining to watch people try to look at the Scantron of the person next to them. ESPECIALLY if they make it obvious. Like, hello! We see you!

7. How you treat your unassigned assigned seat in class.


The most popular unspoken rule of college! The seat you pick on the first day of class will be your unassigned assigned seat for the rest of the semester, so never sit anywhere else. Unless, of course, someone already sits in your seat, then you have no choice but to sit in someone else's seat, throwing off the equilibrium of the class.

8. When you're waiting for your Uber outside of the club while drunk, sad, and tired.

Colin Christian

It was supposed to be a fun night out, but you and your friends get in a drunken argument, thus leading you to walk out. Now you're out in the cold night waiting for your Uber to come to the rescue.

9. When you confidently walk in to take the test and nothing you studied is on the test. 


If I had a dollar for every time this exact situation has happened to me, I'd be pretty rich. Sometimes it's because I end up studying the wrong material, but most times the professor is trying to trick us.

10. When you make eye contact with your professor and you try to look more interested in what they're saying. 


I feel like we all do this. I don't know about you all, but I would hate for a professor to be so invested into their lecture to turn around to a class looking back at them with the most dead facial expressions.

11. When an argument breaks out during a class discussion. 


Witnessing an argument between two students during a class discussion is always fun. It's all fun and games until one person begins to question the other person's intelligence, upbringing, or background, though *sips tea*.

12. When you see your professor in public and aren't sure if you should say hi or run away. 


I have yet to see a professor off-campus. But, I have run into professors out of class. The conversation that sparks is always weirdly short and awkward. I'd rather just wave from afar and hope for the best.

13. When the semester is finally over, you took all your finals, and you can't wait to do it all over again in the spring (or fall... or never again).


The huge sigh of relief. The semester is over and we're finally free! Unless, of course, you're not graduating, which means you have the pleasure of coming back for the next semester!

Wendy Williams, a woman of many faces and many expressions (also many words). This is just a small handful of occurrences you may encounter in college, ranging from pretty beneficial to straight up awkward. Although, I tried my best to give a glimpse into college student life. Being a college student is an experience that must be experienced firsthand to fully understand the struggles and the successes.

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