Going To College Brought Me Back To Christianity

Going To College Brought Me Back To Christianity

I was slowly losing who I was, and as ironic as it may sound, going to college is what brought me back to my faith.

Religion - it's a huge part of many peoples lives. Being raised as a Greek Orthodox Christian, the memories of being an altar boy on Sunday's are some of my favorite memories growing up. I remember the sense of pride that I felt being at the altar, and how I felt so close to God. As the years went on, and I stopped going to church, I began to drift away, it wasn't that I didn't believe, it was just that I didn't feel a connection to my religion anymore.

As the years went on, my mental state became worse and worse, I wasn't dealing with issues in my life in a healthy way, and I was slowly losing who I was. And as ironic as it may sound, going to college is what brought me back to my faith.

Now the last place you would think someone would find religion would be in college. College is the place where cases of Busch Light and Tinder reigns supreme. And when I got there, I had my fun. However, I noticed that I was using other things to cope with the stress and anxiety that most people experience their first year. In a previous article, I mentioned how all this stress exploded at the end of my first semester, and how I basically fell apart and unloaded everything out to my mom. But what I didn't mention is what happened when I hung up the phone. I sat in my room, in tears, feeling absolutely lost. I looked up at my wall and saw my icons hanging on my wall, and the only thing I could say was "help me".

This article is not a religious rant about how Christianity is the only way to deal with your problems, I'm just saying that it was a way to help me. I talked with my grandmother a lot over that Winter Break about religion and how I was feeling. We went to the Christmas service at her church, and it was the first time in months that I genuinely felt at peace.

The hymns were sung by the choir and the gospel readings from the priest brought me back to my childhood, and I remember taking a deep breath, and not feeling like there was a 500-pound boulder on my chest.

The world is made up of 7.6 billion people. There are many different religions and there is a wide range of diverse people who practice those religions. And there are also many people who don't have any religious beliefs, and that's OK. To me, Christianity is about acceptance and love for your fellow man.

As I've read bible passages, the stories about Jesus Christ gave me a sense of peace inside. There is one story in particular that inspires me every day. Luke 18:9-14 tells the story of a tax collector and a Pharisee. The ending of the story reads "For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted".

Don't be afraid to confront your problems, and never be afraid to look for ways to cope with your feelings.

Cover Image Credit: Dan Kiefer

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Christian Boys Vs. Godly Men

It is time to stop settling for the lesser of the two.

Ladies, there is a huge difference between a Christian boy and a Godly man; therefore, it is time to stop settling for the lesser of the two.

So many times I hear girls saying:

“Well, he’s a Christian.”

“He goes to church with me.”

“He listens to Christian music.”

“He went to church camp.”

“He has a favorite bible verse.”

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Well, all of those things are just peachy and there is nothing wrong with doing those things. I mean, they’re all good things to do. But how is his personal relationship with God? How is his prayer life? Does he talk about his relationship with God, with you? Is he truly a follower of the one true God in all aspects of his life? These are some of the characteristics you should be looking for that makes a Godly man.

Ladies, a man will love you great when he loves God greater.

A Godly man will pursue an honest relationship with you. He will be clear of his intentions. A Godly man will worship, pray and passionately praise God with you. Whereas, a Christian boy might open the door for you, a Godly man will open his bible and explore God’s word with you so that you both may grow spiritually, together. While a Christian boy may put on an outward show, a Godly man will live out the love of Jesus daily.

So ladies, are you catching on to this ongoing trend? A Godly man does more because you deserve more.

A Godly man will be a leader. Trust me, I know that in today’s society Godly men are few and far between while Christian boys come in plenty. But you deserve a man who is after God’s heart not just a boy who goes to church. And I know that this Christian boy may seem great and have some really stellar qualities at the time but money and looks fade, whereas, an ongoing love for our savior will not.

The greatest thing a man can do for a woman is to lead her closer to God than himself. (Yes, yes, yes).

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So I beg of you, do not settle. Do not settle just because you’re tired of being single, it’s convenient or because you want the relationship your friend has. Single does not equal available and a relationship status does not define you. God uses your season of singleness to prepare you for what is to come. And if you’re dating a Christian boy, he needs to step it up or you need to move on. Wait for a Godly man who is ready to lead you. God’s timing is always better, always. No matter the circumstance. So, do not rush God. (I mean, He is, after all, pretty good at His job). Therefore, turn your full focus to Him and He will direct your path.

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

Cover Image Credit: Christina Sharp

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Leading By Christ's Example

What should leadership look like? It should look like Jesus.


I have been so blessed to serve as President of my sorority for the past year. However, I often think hard about how I am leading and what people think of my leadership. I sometimes wonder if I'm doing it all correctly. Even when you don't think people notice something you are doing, THEY DO.

I think in the world we live in, we have many leaders. Some good ones and some not so great ones. I think where many leaders fall into the wrong is when they try to do it their way and only their way.

For me, I've come to the realization that leaders have the potential to lead greatly. However, it's where we get out inspiration and ideas from. If leaders get their motivation from fame, success, or money, they may find some of those things, but will never be fully satisfied with their leadership.

What's so wonderful about leadership is that we have the perfect example of how to lead. Jesus Christ. He was perfect and He is the example we need to follow, whether that's in leadership or just in general life. Over this past year, I have learned more and more about what leadership should look like when following Christ. It should look like Jesus.

I find this knowledge from not only friends and family, but from the Bible. Specifically, the New Testament. I think it has been so helpful to read how Jesus spoke, acted, and loved others. Even though He was this perfect person, He was still approachable and friendly with those around Him. People felt comfortable around Him. He encouraged those around Him and He loved everyone, greatly.

I think Satan loves to play with our minds. He wants us to doubt ourselves and turn away from Jesus. He wants to throw distractions in our face and turn our motivation to fame, money, success, etc. But it's so important to have your eyes fixed on Jesus. He is where we need to find our inspiration and motivation. He encourages us, loves us, cares for us, and much more. Even when it comes to us doubting ourselves or worrying about what is ahead of us, He has a plan. His plan is so much greater than our own, and He knows our future and our hearts even when we don't.

If you are in a leadership role or learning how to lead, I encourage you to look at Jesus' story. Look how He spoke, acted, and loved those around Him. I encourage you to lead by His example.

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