If you’re a good college student making the most out of the money you’re spending on your education, you may have stayed in this Saturday night. Or even just had a few drinks so you could be productive for the week ahead. But if you’re anything like most of us, you used this weekend to let loose and put off your responsibilities for a bit. You probably drank too much on Saturday and when Sunday morning (mid-afternoon by the time you wake up) rolls around, you’re freaking out. You’ve got a serious case of the Sunday scaries, and you’re not alone.

1. Waking up dying of thirst.

2. Realizing you never plugged your phone in.

3. Or that you don’t actually know where your phone is.

4. When your friends start texting you bright and early about Sunday Funday.

5. Checking your Snapchat Story.

6. And the Insta-pic that you drunkenly edited.

7. Wondering how to begin your apologies for your behavior.

8. Looking at your bank account balance.

9. Remembering you saw people from class and wondering what they’ll think of you tomorrow.

10. Cleaning up all the alcohol you left out last night.

11. And the pizza.

12. Wondering how many times people are going to say “how are you feeling???” today.

13. Logging into Blackboard and seeing all the homework you have due tomorrow.

14. Getting a notification that your friends tagged you in a picture on Facebook.

15. When you finally get your appetite back and it’s time to go to bed.

16. Waking up on Monday feeling like you need another Sunday to get your life together for the week.

17. Vowing to never get drunk again.