Every College Student Should Consider Being In A Committed Relationship

Every College Student Should Consider Being In A Committed Relationship

Because life is better with a plus-one.

Allison Gass

As college students, we are all encouraged to have fun and enjoy the college lifestyle while we still have it. However, can the college lifestyle involve a committed relationship? From my personal experience, I believe so. Having someone to cuddle up next to after a long day of classes is such a relief. You can throw on a pair of sweats and just spend quality time laughing and enjoying time with your significant other. Even if your day was horrible and you are overwhelmed, you can always count on your loved one to make things just a little less stressful. This kind of love though and commitment is not easy to come by though and I wouldn’t encourage anyone to desperately search for that special someone. In fact, it WILL come to you when you least expect it and that is the honest truth.

Now to talk about the small but significant perks of being in this kind of relationship.

NO worrying what to wear to school or in public because who are you trying to impress?

This is a big one for me especially when I see so many girls trying hard to look their best each morning for school. As I do enjoy doing some nice makeup looks some days, I choose to dress comfortably and casually in oversized hoodies and Uggs. Also, when you do choose to dress up you will have your biggest supporter hyping you up and making you feel beautiful.

Study Dates

Study dates are CRUCIAL to college relationships and it can actually be fun when working alongside someone you love. For me, my boyfriend goes to a different college than me but we are both majoring in History so we often proofread each other’s work and bounce ideas off of each other. Mutually encouraging each other in a relationship to work towards goals such as internships, degrees, and first real jobs is really important to any college-age relationship.

A Plus-One to Everything

From birthday parties, concerts, nights out with friends, and even sadly the occasionally funeral; you will have a date to every event no matter what it may be. In college, there are constantly plans and events either through the school or set up by friends to attend. However, it is much better to establish a group of mutual friends. Then you can spend time with not only your friends but your significant other and not have to choose between them.

As for family events, I suggest depending on circumstances that you try to be part of each other’s holidays and celebrations. Even if you are from different ethnic, racial, or religious background you may be surprised to see how much you may enjoy their customs and traditions. This can also give you some insight into what traditions you may want to carry down one day to your family in the future.

Final Thoughts

In all honesty, I wouldn’t want my college experience any other way. My relationship has continued to propel me forward in all aspects of my life. Making the adjustment into early adulthood is never easy, but having someone by your side who is not only experiencing all the same emotions as you but is also supportive is fortifying. I hope every college student ultimately finds love and the type of partner they most righteously deserve.

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