6 Simple Ways College Students Can Go Green

As we approach spring there is no better time to appreciate and take care of the beautiful Earth we are so lucky to live on. As college students, it sometimes seems like an impossible task to make the world more environmentally friendly. However, it is a lot easier that it sounds and simple steps can go a long way. Consider changing a few things about your everyday habits because every day is Earth Day!!

1. Use a reusable water bottle!

This option does so much to help our environment! It's cheap and easy!

2. Take notes on a laptop!

Most people have their technology with them wherever they go, so we might as well put it to use. Save a tree and buy one less notebook next semester!

3. Uber less!

On a nice spring day, walk to Starbucks and save yourself the money while helping the environment!

4. Turn off the lights in your room! 

This one is soooo simple! Turn off lights and unused appliances when you leave your room.

5. Unsubscribe from junkmail!

No one likes to receive junkmail in the first place, so cancel your subscription and save thousands of trees!

6. Use a cute reusable bag!

Reusable bags can be fashionable too!

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