As college students, it is hard to make time for yourself while still completing all of your responsibilities. That is why winter break is so amazing, you finally get to escape reality for a little while and relax. Here is a list of things that every that they would not have time to do otherwise.

1. Spend time with your family

Family time becomes so precious as a college student because our hectic schedules prevent us from spending time with the people we love most. Going back to your parents house for the holidays is so magical, you get to forget all of your worries and be surrounded by people who love and support you. There truly is no place like home for the holidays.

2. Sleep, sleep, and sleep some more

Every college student is sleep deprived, especially after pulling multiple all-nighters during finals week. Between all of our responsibilities as young adults, it is hard to get a good night of sleep. While on winter break, absorb as much sleep as possible and take full advantage of not having to waking up to an alarm clock buzzing in your ear at 8 am. Sleep is truly a college student’s best friend.

3. Post as many Snapchats of your pets as possible

The best part about going home is seeing your pets (sorry mom). Walking in the door and having your doggo attack you with slobbery kisses cures all your stress instantly. So do all of your friends a favor and bless their timelines by posting as many pictures of your pets as possible. Nothing fails to brighten someone's day like a picture of a cute pupper.

4. Make time to see your hometown friends

One thing that brings everyone together is the holidays. Though life takes you and all of your friends down different paths, the one things that will always brings you back together is your hometown roots. Old childhood friends hold a special place in your life and spending time with them is priceless.

5. Clean out your closet

Chances are you have a closet full of clothes at your parents that you rarely ever wear. While you are home for the holidays, go through your closet and filter out all of the unnecessary items you don’t wear anymore. You can sell some of the gently used items for extra holiday cash or donate them to people who will actually use them. This is something you probably don’t have time to do during the school year that you can accomplish over winter break.

6. Binge-watch a series on Netflix

We all binge watch Netflix whether we have time to or not, but on winter break you can do so without feeling guilty. Spend a few days just laying in bed, napping, and watching Netflix while you have the chance. Being lazy is completely acceptable when you are on winter break, so take full advantage of it while you can.

7. Enjoy your mom’s home cooked meals

After barely surviving off of Ramen noodles and late night McDonald’s for months, consuming one of your mom’s home cooked meals is literally a blessing. You probably forgot what it felt like to eat something that didn’t come out of a wrapper. So indulge in as many home-cooked meals as you can before you return back to school where chicken nuggets are a staple in your diet.