Things Every College Student Has Said At A Job Fair

Things Every College Student Has Said At A Job Fair

It's that time of year again...

It's that time of year again, where college students are scrambling to impress potential employers enough that they will get hired for a summer internship or possibly an actual job. One of the most convenient places to try and make these connections are at job fairs, usually put on by the university these students attend. If you hang around one of these fairs for long enough, you're sure to hear these key phrases.

1. "Are you here yet? I'm here, standing outside. No, I'm not going in without you."

Everyone is waiting separately outside of the meeting room for their group of friends.

2. "Did you bring your resume? How many did you print?"

Everyone printed a different amount, everyone thinks their amount is wrong.

3. "Where should we put our coats? Is there a place for them?"

Usually, yes. Look before you ask. Or just don't wear a big obnoxious coat.

4. "Should we start? No, let's get drinks first."

Procrastination does not end just because you're already at the job fair.

5. "Where do you want to go?"

This is really just someone in the group trying to make everyone else make a decision for them.

6. "Doesn't matter, where do you want to go first?"

A classic deflection to decision making, flipping it back on the questioner.

7. "Did you update your resume?"

Oh yeah, everyone did. They just added the extra year of school since the last job fair.

8. "Hi, could you tell us a little bit about the opportunities at your company?"

The first move has been made by the awkward group of college kids.

9. A moment of silence as you listen to perspective employers

You listen to people all the time but you can feel yourself being awkward about it.

10. "Okay gang, have we been to all of the tables we want to go to?"

It's been an hour and a half, you've washed enough hands that you should probably all wash your hands when you leave.

11. "Let's go."

It's time to roll out.

12. "We're going out to eat right?"

You earned this cheat day on your diet or budget, that was a pretty adult filled couple of hours.

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Finals Week As Told By Schmidt

Schmidt Happens

Finals week is finally upon us. The time every college student has dreaded all semester and there is no avoiding it. Let the stress, tears, and sleepless nights commence. Here's Finals Week as Told by Schmidt.

1. When you walk into the library and see that there are no more spots available because every freshman decided to start using the library now.

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2. You run into someone from your class and they ask you how prepared you are for the final.

3. Your first meltdown begins...

4. And then you get a call from your parents asking you why you've been so on edge lately

5. When you're three coffees deep at 2AM and believe everything will be okay even though you still haven't studied.

6. The day has arrived and it's time to take your first final so you give yourself a quick pep talk.

7. When you are the first one to finish the final early because you didn't study.

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8. Trying to pack while studying.

9. And then you start wishing you didn't wait until the last minute to pack because now there is no way your stuff will fit into your car.

10. When you get your first grade back.

11. And you have to tell your parents how you did in the class.

12. When all of your roommates are done with their finals and you still have one left.

13. But then your time has finally come and you have finished your last final as well.

14. And you realize you have survived yet another hell week.

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3 Ways To Study Smarter

Quizlet is the way to go!

Studying can get really boring after a while. It can also get less and less effective if you've been studying the same way for hours on end. Here are 3 helpful ways to study that I find to be the most effective!

1. Rewrite your notes

Rewriting your notes sounds very tedious but it works wonders. Rewriting your notes allows you to weed through the unimportant information and focus on the key points. It also lets you organize the influx of information your professor most likely sped through in a class period. If you're like me then you spend the majority of the class writing down notes as fast you can which makes it hard to retain what you're writing down. Rewriting your notes allows you to go at your own pace and focus on the information at hand.

2. Download the Quizlet app

Making a Quizlet is not only a form of studying in itself but having the app on your phone allows you to study anywhere. Take a 10-minute break from scrolling through Instagram and instead open up your Quizlet app to study a few flash-cards. I tend to lay in bed as long as I can before my next class and quickly flipping through my Quizlet beforehand is a big help. You can flip through it while eating at the dining hall or even walking to class. I would go as far as saying it's the epitome of technological innovation.

3. Make practice tests

Thankfully Quizlet also has a feature for making your own practice tests. But I do recommend taking a quick few minutes to open up a word document and making a pretend test. This allows you to go over the material you are struggling with and prepare you for taking the real test. This can also help with test anxiety. By making a practice test you're studying by making it and also studying by taking it. Plus you are more likely to not get nervous taking the real test if you've seen similar information in a similar format in your own words.

Studying is something that is hard to get yourself to do but it helps if you study in less traditional and more interactive ways. Make a Quizlet and have your friends quiz you or rewrite your notes in fun colors and add stickers next to the most important parts. Try to make it as less stressful as you can!

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