Since mid-2009, "Parks and Recreation" has supplied us students endless entertainment with witty punchlines and constant laughs. Out of all the great characters we can relate to, each one has different situations, but Leslie Knope has perfectly described being a college student in the following gifs:

1. When You Are 100 Percent Over Your Math Class:

2. When Someone You Dislike Shows Up To The Same Party:

3. When You Think About That One Place You've Been To Way Too Many Times:

4. When You Break Out The Dance Moves:

5. When Someone Asks How Your Week Is Going During Finals:

6. How You Feel After A Long Weekend:

7. When Your Roommate/Best Friend Asks How To Dress:

8. When Your Group Project Partners Just Don't Get The Job Done:

9. When The Professor Compliments Your Work:

10. After A Long Night:

11. When You Can Trust Your Best Friend To Do Anything For You:

12. When You Finally Get The Sleep You Needed:

13. Deciding What's Most Important: Friends, Food, or Work: