The right to a free education is liable up until the end of high school. Public high schools are open to anyone that wants to attend, as long as they behave. After high school, however, things get a little rough.

College education is infamous for the huge amount of money that is required. When the current college generation is graduated with degrees and children of their own, no longer will kids be told scary children's story of the "boogie monster." No, they will be told scary stories of student debt.

The next generation of children will grow up fearing student debt as inevitable, as it is now. If a student wants to go to college, student debt is inevitable. Inevitable, with two exceptions.

Exception #1: You were one of the school valedictorians and you were given a full ride to a school. Congratulations! The hundreds of hours of lost sleep and food were all worth it in the end for the three kids in the world that are given full rides to decent schools.

Exception #2: Mommy and Daddy are letting you live off of the fortune they made so you don't have to worry about a thing. Don't worry about getting a job like the rest of us college students, just go buy some ice cream and a lollipop. You can definitely live off of their money without working for the rest of your life!

These exceptions make up a measly number in this world and most of us know this will never happen in our lifetime, our children's lifetime, or our grandchildren's lifetime.

No, the rest of us are sent to rely on scholarships. You have a one in one thousand chance of getting this scholarship that you spent five hours applying for. Apply this to ten other scholarships and that's fifty hours down the drain for a scholarship you probably won't even get.

Now we turn to FAFSA. Great that we need this, right? Did you know all males that agree to FAFSA terms are signed up for the draft while females still aren't? No sexism there.

So to get a job, you need college experience. To get into college, you need money. To get money, you need a job... You could always go work at McDonald's and hope your minimum wage is enough to ride you over college debt.

What a great way to start life.