The College Student Starter Packs

The College Student Starter Packs

You know which one you are.


Whether you're in a sorority or just trying to get to class on time, every college student can be identified by their outfit of choice. Some students fit in multiple categories or no category, but everyone knows one of these kinds of people or maybe you are one.

The Sorority Sister

Total Sorority Move | 7 Sorority Poses We Can't Get Enough Of

Although most Sorority sisters sport their finest wedges and little white dresses for recruitment, you can spot a sister on your campus by a few key clothing pieces. She will typically be wearing some lululemon leggings on the bottom or some ripped jeans, or even yoga pants on a more relaxed day. For a top, she will most likely be wearing a sweater or a tshirt displaying their chapter logo. A north face or jean jacket will be used to keep them wam, or even a longer puffer jacket if it's particularly chilly out. For shoes, she will most definitely be wearing slip on vans or something of the sort, or ugg boots, of course. To keep her hydrated, you can catch her with a hydroflask covered in stickers promoting sorority events or charitable causes.

The Frat Boy

how to dress like a frat guy. I call it "how to look like a tool ...

Now frat guys are a bit harder to pin down than a sorority sister, but I'll try to give you a few pointers on how to identify them. Now a brother will most always be sporting his favorite hoodie or Patagonia sweater, whether its 80 degrees or 15. Whether they're having a bad hair day or not, they'll be wearing a hat or maybe even a beanie. For pants, its always jeans or joggers, there is no in-between. The shoes are the most important part and probably the dirtiest. They will be white vans or Sperrys if they dare to be so basic. In the winter, they will definitely not be dressed appropriately but they will always be sporting Bean Boots.

The Freshman

12 Ways to Better Handle Stress in College | 1Dental Blog

Your typical college student is going to make a few fashion faux-pas at least once in their first semester. In the summer and early fall months, they will go for fashion over function and wear shorts that tend to cover not everything that should be concealed. Instead of wearing a tank top, they will go for a cute blouse or light colored tee shirt that does not do its job in covering the inevitable pit stains from walking 20 minutes to and from classes. Their shoes will at some point give them painful blisters and by the time they get to class, they'll be limping to their seat. In the rainy months, they'll think they're immune to puddles and wear their favorite white shoes which will immediately turn any other color but white. In the winter, they will either wear too many layers or not enough and be sweating or shivering within 5 minutes of being out in the snow.

The Never-on-time Student

The Life and Lies of an American College Student

If you're this kind of student, you probably know it already and you've learned to embrace it. Most days what you wore to bed is what you're wearing to class. Usually, a pair of sweatpants and your college sweatshirt with the oh so familiar stains on it is your go-to. Some don't even try to hide the fact they just got out of bed and simply wear a pair of plaid pajama pants. If you're looking for your fellow late-to-classers, you can find them in the back of the lecture hall will a hat pulled over their unbrushed hair and some ugg slippers on their feet.

The Tree Hugger/ Eclectic Dresser

Prescott College : For the Liberal Arts, the Environment, and Social ...

Our final type of college student is my personal favorite and the easiest to spot. The tree hugger can be found in an environmental club meeting most days or laying back in a hammock on the quad. The tree hugger and his or her doc martens are virtually inseparable and always tied with bright yellow laces. All seasons call for a beanie on top and a tee shirt displaying their favorite cause or endangered animal. On the occasion, they will also be wearing a striped shirt and of course a pair of ripped high waisted mom jeans, always light wash. If they don't have a coffee with almondmilk or soy milk they have their Nalgene filled to the brim with or even a cup of tea. To carry their environmental studies books they have a Fjallraven Kanken Backpack, and on their wrist, they have an array of beaded or woven bracelets.

There is no shame in putting yourself in one of these groups or making your own. College is the time to figure out who you are and embrace it. Clothing doesn't matter half as much as what you're learning or the friends you're making and will have for the rest of your life. When college is a few years behind you, you'll be able to look back and laugh at the questionable fashion choices you made.

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10 Fun Facts About Animals That Will 100% Make Your Day

A little animal pick-me-up.


The beautiful world that we live in is filled with so many different animals that are all unique and special. There's something to learn from each living creature on our Earth. Here are some facts about animals that will surely make you smile and maybe give you the pick up that you need!

1. 3% of the ice in Antarctica is made of penguin urine

Penguins really make their mark.

2. Dolphins name their friends

Dolphins associate a sound to each of their friends.

3. Cows love to listen to music

Cows have been shown to produce more milk when listening to slow music.

4. And they have best friends

They get stressed out when their best friend is not with them.

5. Honeybees know how to dance

They dance to survive and tell fellow honeybees where the flowers are.

6. Rats like to be tickled

Rats laugh when tickled. Who doesn't like to be tickled?

7. Squirrels will adopt orphans

If baby squirrels are left abandoned, fellow squirrels will take them in.

8. Elephants self-soothe

We all need some self love.

9. Worms want companionship and with companions snuggle

We all love to snuggle, even worms.

10. Quokka's can smile

I think I found my new favorite animal.

Hopefully, these facts about animals make you feel warm and fuzzy. Have a great day.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Is Still Iconic, And Here's Why

Although it's a children's cartoon from the 2000s, ATLA remains one of the greatest shows ever made.


Avatar: The Last Airbender ended in 2008, but I've watched the full series at least ten other times since then. I was a big fan of ATLA when it was first airing, but sometimes I marvel at how lasting it's impact is over a decade later. I've seen ATLA bumper stickers and tattoos depicting the four elements, not mention that I myself have a "Jasmine Dragon" sticker on my laptop resembling the Starbucks logo. ATLA was incredible. It's witty, fun, emotionally impactful, interesting in plot, and filled with relatable characters. "Korra" was a nice attempt to follow up on a passionate fanbase, but it ultimately didn't resonate with viewers to the same degree. That said, sometimes people wonder why I'm still so invested in a kid's cartoon from the 2000s. Here's why.

The show referenced a variety of cultures from around the world

If you've watched the show, you've probably realized that there aren't actually any "white" characters in the Avatar-verse. Not that European cultures aren't valid, but it is notable that the show was created as an appreciation of cultures that often go overlooked. The art and music were heavily influenced by East and South Asia, and the different nations clearly reference Asian and indigenous traditions. Earth Kingdom cities were based off of real cities in East Asia, and the culture depicted drew from various East Asian nations as well. The same applies to the fire nation, which was originally modeled off of Japan and China. The water tribes have their foundations in Inuit and Sireniki cultures, and the air nomads are based on Tibetans, Sri Lankan Buddhists, and Shaolin Monks. There are many other historical references throughout "Avatar," including a nod to ancient Mesopotamia in the Sun Warriors.

The characters were complex and relatable

"ATLA" didn't just give us a typical group of teenage heroes, with each one fitting into a typical mold. They were complex and realistic, and that's what made them relatable. We saw Aang balance his role as Avatar with his personal moral philosophy, all while experiencing the onset of puberty and young adulthood. We watched Katara struggle with responsibility as the main female role model in her family after her mother's death. We observed and related to Toph and Zuko's complex relationships with their families, including the influence that an abusive parent can have on a young life. We experienced the struggles of inferiority to "better" friends with Sokka, and even learned about toxic friendships with Mai and Ty Lee. These were all growing kids and teenagers, and nothing could have been more genuine.

"ATLA" gave us some incredible, strong female leads to look up to

Katara was truly the first feminist I ever encountered on television. Not only did she become a master waterbender in the span of weeks, she also taught the Avatar! And the whole time, she reminded us that strong fighters can be feminine too. Meanwhile, Toph showed us that just because a person has a disability, doesn't mean that they are defined by it. In fact, Toph's blindness only enhances her abilities, rather than holding her back. We also encounter powerful female characters like Azula (I know, she's evil, but that doesn't make her any less of a prodigy), Ty Lee, Mai, Suki (and all the Kyoshi warriors for that matter), Smellerbee, and even Princess Yue (who literally died for her people, mind you).

It made a deep, dramatic topic witty and fun

It occurred to me recently that "Avatar" is basically about imperialism and genocide. The Fire Nation decides to take over the world through military force, and it does so by exterminating an entire people and occupying and colonizing everyone else. For such a deep topic, you wouldn't think the show would be quite as fun as it is, but it is. I've restarted watching, and I find myself constantly laughing. With Sokka's sarcastic comments, Iroh's oddities, and everybody else's regular quips, "ATLA" is regularly lighthearted and never takes itself too seriously.

There's some real wise advice throughout

Finally, what "ATLA" is really known for, is its heart. Uncle Iroh provides us with a regular understanding of the world around us, encouraging us to see the world in balance and look for our true selves. His wise words ring true throughout childhood and adulthood. The underlying themes and messages of the show, including balance, friendship, love, and loyalty, all serve the greater purpose of advising the audience.

In summary, "Avatar" was amazing. If you haven't, I highly recommend you do. If you have, maybe go rewatch!

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