My aspiration in life stems from my desire for helping others. In order to achieve that goal, my first step begins with fulfilling my knowledge by studying the human mind and its functions. Psychology embodies my passion, a passion that I believe is one of the many keys enabling me to open the doors to better understanding people and further reaching out to aid those who are unknowingly broken.

While my focus is upon other people, my journey in growth truly begins with focusing on myself. Beginning anew at Baylor University is a great opportunity for self-discovery, improvement in faith, and for making new mistakes. Without mistakes, there is no progress. People tend to plan for success without leaving room for the opportunity of failure. Although my plan is to continuously be successful in academics and social life, I understand that down the road lie many obstacles waiting for me to stumble upon them.

By accepting the fact that I will eventually struggle and encounter failure, I am already beginning to grow. Accepting my nature as someone who is imperfect leaves room for learning and growth. My goal is to become more knowledgeable about myself and those around me. I want to dive into the depths of who I am meant to become, an image that will never truly be constant if I plan to learn and grow throughout my life.

I am excited to share my journey at Baylor with people who will become my lifelong friends. By coming to such an accepting community, I am glad to already call Waco my second home. Aside from learning more through my studies, I look forward to developing more understanding of the concepts of love and friendship. Since my goal is to be able to help others, I especially want to gain better people skills if it means that I am helping the people who are most dear to my heart and also sharing that with those who are in need of a love and a friend. I truly believe that through the many years to come, I will surely begin to develop into a more mature and knowledgeable individual who will one day also leave her mark by impacting the world. That journey begins at Baylor University.