Ahhh... Senior year.

The year every college student has been waiting for. The awesome living arrangements, the parties, feeling like you are on top of the world (campus)

However, this year brings quite a bit of joy and just as many tears. The end is SO CLOSE yet so FAR AWAY.

I bet you are sharing the same thoughts as the rest of these seniors:

1. "This is the last time I will ever have to move in all my crap."

2. "Homecoming weekend- last one! Let's go HARD!"

3. "I can't take another second of lectures."

4. "How many days until graduation?!"

5. "I need more coffee."

6. "I can't believe next year at this time we will be graduated."

7."Damn. I need to start applying to jobs."

8. "I want this to be over."

9. "I don't think I can do this anymore."

10. "I need a drink...ASAP."

11. "I wonder who can help get me get a job."

12. "I wish I saved that paper from freshman year...I am doing the SAME thing again."

13. "Ugh, I think I need to update my resume."

14. "What am I going to wear for senior pictures?"

15. "When is our next senior event?"

16. "Let's have a party!!!!!"

17. "Ugh, I don't want to even think about paying loans!"

19. "I am going to miss my friends so much."

20. "What is life going to be like after dorm living?"

21. "How many times I have skipped already?"

22. "The freshman look so young."

23. "I feel so old."

24. "I think I will actually have to start buying professional clothing."

25. "Wow...I might actually miss this."