Senior year is rough.

Besides worrying about course work, we are also responsible for balancing jobs, extracurricular activities and figuring out what we will be doing once we graduate in May. Senior year is when we gear up for the rest of our lives, but not without some thoughts running through our heads.

Here are 15 thoughts that every senior will experience over the next few months:

1. Did I really go through hell during registration for an entirely different type of hell?

2. Why did I decide to take six classes?

3. How am I supposed to 'adult' in less than a year?

4. If I leave on the lights now, I can compensate for when I resort to candlelight after graduation.

5. If I'm low on laundry, will anyone notice if I wear the same shirt?

6. If I never see the Career Center again, it'll be too soon.

7. Do I really have to dress in business casual for the rest of my life?

8. Maybe my 6:30 p.m. turbo professor will also experience ‘senioritis’ and let us out early.

9. If I like my senior portrait, I can use it for my LinkedIn profile.

10. If I'm supposed to do everything, why can my résumé only be 1-page?

11. Will someone please hire me?

12. I can't see past next week; how am I supposed to plan for next year?

13. Look's like it's that time of week again — back to the Career Center.

14. If my major practicum and my minor capstone are on two different days next semester, I'll have a nice mid-week break when I can cry.

15. If one more grad school emails me, I'm deleting my account.