Hocus Pocus is arguably one of the best Halloween films ever made. The main reason? The Sanderson Sisters. They're basically the best witches off all time. (Sorry Hermoine.) And these three are so easy to relate too. Basically, they're every college girls spirit animal, I promise.

1. Reading the syllabus at the start of the semester like 

2. But when you see attendance isn't required 

3. Your friends trying to help you navigate your third mental breakdown of the week

4. Followed by the immediate denial that anythings wrong in the first place

5. Waking up on game days like

6. Hyping yourself up before a night out 

7. And of course having a photo shoot with the girls before you leave 


8. Rolling up to the bar or party like

9. When someone you don't like shows up

10. When the same guy keeps buying your drinks

11. But making a hasty retreat when he asks for your number 

12. Trying to to convince your friend not to text her ex

13. But she does it anyway

14. Waiting for your Uber at the end of the night 

15. And of course stopping for food on the way home

16. The next morning when you somehow don't have a hangover 

17. Or when you went too hard the night before but your friends want to go out again

18. Receiving an unsolicited dick pick like