To The College Professors Who Make Their Students Hate Being In The Classroom

To The College Professors Who Make Their Students Hate Being In The Classroom

You should learn how to make your students love coming to class.


I've been in college for four years now. I attended two different colleges, with a plethora of different students and teachers along the way. So far, I feel like I've been pretty successful with my college career. But that doesn't mean that I haven't struggled.

Most of the teachers I've come across have been so understanding and helpful. They generally want their students to grow and learn. They want us to succeed. They want us to be able to apply our knowledge to whatever job we have one day. You'd think this is how all professors are, right?

Well, unfortunately, some professors don't care that much about the success of their students.

I had a professor last semester that showed obvious favoritism. She favored certain students and they came out with better grades than those she didn't like as much. She made our class feel as if our signing up for this REQUIRED course was an inconvenience to her life. She made it seem like life was too hard for her to grade papers in a timely manner. She gave out grades based on whether she agreed with what you were saying, rather than on merit.

She made me hate being a college student, and she made me hate having to go to her class 3 times a week.

As everyone knows, college isn't a cheap investment. It requires a good amount of money and a good amount of time and hard work. Until I graduate, college is my career. I spend 5 days a week here, and so far, I've loved it.

But when you come across a professor who tears you down, it makes you hate spending your time and money to be here.

This semester, I have a professor who gives us advice for our future. He gives us assignments based on different job options we could get with our degree. He is preparing us for our future.

And he shows actual care for preparing his students to succeed, rather than fail.

This professor reminded me why I'm here, why I'm spending all this money to get this degree, why I spend so much time trying to succeed. He made it clear with his dedication to students and with his words that he loves his job and he wants to best for everyone he encounters on campus.

So, professors, take notes because your students shouldn't dread talking to you or attending your class. Don't tear your students down and make them hate college. Set everyone up for success.

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21 Lies College Students Tell Their Parents

I can almost guarantee that you have used at least five of these.


Let's be honest. College is the best time of your life for a lot of reasons, and maybe you should not tell your mom all of them when she calls. I can almost guarantee that you have used at least five of these, and the others — maybe you should try next time!

1. "I can't talk now, I'm in the library."

Typically used when the student is too hungover to talk.

2. "Gotta go now, I'm walking into class."

Then hit play on Netflix.

3. "I think it might be food poisoning."

Was it the food, or all of that alcohol? Your symptoms sound more like a hangover to me.

4. "No, I didn't just wake up."

It is 4 p.m. and, yes, you did.

5. "I need more money for laundry and food."

Meaning, "I need more money for things I don't think you will give me money for."

6. "I never skip class!"

When we use this one, it usually does not refer to anything before 11 a.m.

7. "I studied all night for that test!"

If by "studied all night" you mean you watched TV shows in the library, then, yes, all night.

8. "Everyone failed that test."

And by everyone, I mean me and my friend who did not go to sleep until 3 a.m.

9. "I'm walking home from breakfast with my friends."

Yeah, OK. You are just lucky she cannot see last night's outfit and the high heels you are carrying. We know where you have been.

10. "Potbelly's is a restaurant."

I mean, they may sell tacos, but I'm not sure I would call it a restaurant.

11. "I go to Cantina's for the Nachos."

I hope that is not the only reason but, hey, you do you.

12. "The $40 charge on the card from last Saturday? That was for school supplies!"

Yeah, right. It was for a new dress.

13. "Nobody goes out on weeknights, especially not me."

We all know grades come first, right?

14. "I can't remember the last time I went out!"


15. "I make my bed regularly"

About as often as I clean the bathroom.

16. "I did not say 'Margarita Monday,' I said I went to 'Margaret's on Monday'!"

Following the use of this lie, do not post any pictures on social media of you with a margarita.

17. "I use my meal plan, and eat in the dining hall all the time."

As you scarf down Chick-fil-A.

18. "I eat healthy!"

For those without a meal plan who have to grocery shop on their own, we all know you spend $2 on a 12-pack of Ramen noodles and the rest on a different kind of 12-pack.

19. "No, I don't have a fake ID."

OK, "John Smith," and where exactly in Wyoming are you from?

20. "I'm doing great in all of my classes."

We use this one because you cannot see our grades online, anymore.

21. "I did not wait until the last minute to start on this."

We all know that if you start a paper before 10 p.m. the night before it is due, you are doing something wrong.

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