Growing up, we were all afraid of ghosts and monsters, scary movies and the paranormal.

But as any good college student can tell you, there are few things scarier than some of the words that come out of a professor's mouth.

Here are 25 things that we have all heard (or dreaded hearing) from a professor.

1. "There will be no curve."

2. "This essay will be 5 pages... Single-spaced."

3. "I will pick your partners for you."

4. "This deadline is set in stone."

5. "The midterm will be an essay-based exam."

6. "I don't offer extra credit."

7. "Deductions of points for grammar errors will double after midterms."

8. "You can choose to write this paper in any format... Except MLA."

9. "We will assign you to random seating during this exam."

10. "I do not post study guides."

11. "I do not post lecture slides on Canvas."

12. "There will be no rounding of your grade at the end of the semester."

13. "Contact the TA first."

14. "We will be doing oral presentations next week."

15. "You will fail if you do not attend every single class."

16. "I take attendance."

17. "I will kick you out of class if I see you on your phone."

18. "This $250 textbook is optional, but you probably won't do well without it."

19. "Our final is at 7:30 a.m. on the Monday of finals week."

20. "I do not drop your lowest test grade."

21. "I rarely give out A's on anything."

22. "I will randomly call on any of you for the answer."

23. "We will be taking a pop quiz over yesterday's reading."

24. "Watch this video I posted on Canvas and take notes to discuss in our next class."

25. "The only grades in this class will be your exams."