To My College Peeps

To My College Peeps

Really words can not describe how much you guys mean to me

Dear college friends,

Let's be real here, I want to thank you guys really truly thank you guys for being friends with me. Really I don't understand how you do it, because to put it simply I am crazy and most of the time my life is falling apart and yet you guys still somehow hang out with me. You guys take me for who I am and don't judge me. You are there for me just like I am there for you and I know that if I ever need something I can count on your guys. You guys make me laugh when I am sad and give me a shoulder to cry on if it need it or your just listen to me when I need to rant. It's hard for me to put into words how much you guys mean to me really, but I'm trying here. I enjoy the movie nights we have in Bryn's room even though we don't really ask him if we can do it it kind of just happens, and when Bryn tries to find people to play Call of Duty with him even through we all suck other then the two Alexa's. We are a whole bunch of different people that somehow found a way to all come together and become friends, I don't know how it happened all I know is it just happened. There is nobody else I would want to fight for the salt shaker to talk or even go skating on the ponds with even though we might not be allowed to, but you guys. So guys thank you for putting up with me and simply just being my friends here is to making more memories like the salt shaker and ice skating.

Cover Image Credit: Kayla Whitcher

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21 Things You Say To Your Roommate If You Two Are Practically A Married Couple

Until I made this list, I didn't realize how absurdly close my roommate and I were. #sorrynotsorry

1. "Can you turn the light off?"

2. "We probably shouldn't go out for dinner again...right?"

*complains about not having money* *spends $8 on Chipotle three times a week*

3. "I always pick where we go"

This is a fight you have with your roommate almost every day when you're roommate is as indecisive as mine.

4. "Do you have my keys?"

5. "Can you pick me up?"

6. "Is it hot in here?"

7. "Does this outfit look stupid?"

The answer is usually yes. No offense.

8. "Can you throw this out for me?"

9. "Can we get ice cream?"

10. "I need coffee"

This text is usually sent when you know your roomie is out running errands... errands you know are near a Starbucks.

11. "Can you tell me what happened?"

12. "Are you asleep?"

There have been times where I couldn't tell if you were asleep or dead... and I had to say this out loud to check if you were alive.

13. "Check your dm's."

*cracks up in the middle of nowhere* *catches a weird stare from your roomie across the room*

14. "Can you plug this in for me?"

15. "Can you pick a movie?"

Another instance where "I always pick" happens.

16. "Look at this girl's Instagram."

*chucks phone across the room at roommate*

17. "Can you call me?"

18. "Can we meet up?"

Separation anxiety is a real thing, people.

19. "Can you help me find my phone?"

*Tries to leave the house to do something* *loses phone* every. time.

20. "What should we do tonight?"

*tries to get ready to do something fun* *ends up staying in for another girls night*

21. "Why isn't everyone as great as us?"

Cover Image Credit: Juliarose Genuardi

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11 Ways Short Girls Needed You To Stop Talking Down To Them, Like, Yesterday

Just... Please. Stop.

As a girl who barely hits 5' on a good day, short jokes/one-liners are not lost on me. I've heard them all. Some are funny, some are annoying and some are just flat out rude.

Most of the time, we know when the short joke is coming before you even say it.

So, as I speak for all the short girls out there, here are 11 things we ask you kindly to stop saying to short people.

1. "Wow, you're short!"

Thanks, I never noticed that you towered over me. It was completely lost on me; thanks for opening my eyes.

2. "I bet you can fit in that."

Listen, Linda, just because I'm small does not mean that I can fit into every crawl space, trashcan, box or bin you see. And even if I can, it does not mean that I will for your amusement.

3. "Do you shop in the kids' department?"

I can, yes, and I'm not ashamed of that fact.

4. "Can you hear me down there?"

When you yell it like that, yes. But, actually, when you're having a normal conversation with someone else above my head, not really.

5. "Sorry, did that go over your head?" *insert knee slap*

Very funny, Ron. You mean metaphorically and literally. You're a genius, I've never heard that one before. *eye roll*

6. "Crawl under there and get that."

Just because I'm short does not mean I want to crawl around grungy, spider-filled places!

7. "You're closer to the ground."

And just because I am, does not mean that I want to crawl around like a baby. Just like how you being closer does not make you a bird.

8. "You're smaller."

Indeed, I do take up less space vertically.

9. "Sit in the middle, you take up less room."

This is just an excuse to make me squish between the two of you so it's not awkward for you, and you know it.

10. "This is how you see the world? That's horrible, I'm glad I'm tall."

This is usually said when someone bends down to get to our height, and then they make a big deal about how horrible the view is. It's happened way more times than you'd think.

11. "I can use you as an armrest."

This is probably the most annoying thing you can do to a short person. Please, do not use my head as an armrest.

Please, for all that is good, please stop talking down to short people. Yes, we know we're small. Yes, it's cute and we're proud but it can also be embarrassing when it's constantly pointed out.

Cover Image Credit: Abigail Stout

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