By the time August rolls around, most every college student can't wait to get back to school.

You look forward to reuniting with friends and getting back to your routines.

There is so much excitement that accompanies college move in that you almost forget about the fact that you actually have to move in. If you haven't experienced move in yet, let me just say good luck because you will need it.

Here are 10 thoughts that just about every college student has on move-in day:

1. "I'll probably never wear this but I'm going to pack it just in case."

When you're packing for college, you have no idea what you're really going to need. So why not just pack everything?

2. "Why did I pack so much stuff?"

Shortly after packing everything you own, you will realize that you do not have nearly enough space.

3. "I wish I lived on the first floor."

If you're lucky enough to have elevators, you'll spend have your day waiting around for one to arrive. But if the only way up to your ninth floor dorm room is by stairs, well then bless your soul.

4. "Mom please leave, you're embarrassing me."

5. "Mom can you move in with me?"

Moms just do everything better and being on your own can be hard. You need your mom more than you think.

6. "Whoever invented Command Strips must be a millionaire."

Because you can do just about anything with those things.

7. "I'm definitely bringing less stuff next year!"

But we all know you will be hauling the same crap into your dorm next year.

8. "How is it possible to sweat this much while unpacking?"

I'm not sure if it's because I'm excited, nervous, or just really out of shape.

9. "Will this ever end?"

The car is like Mary Poppin's bag. You've been unloading for hours, but have made zero progress.

10. "I'm never doing this again."

Here's to another great year!