“Game of Thrones” has been making its rise in viewers for a while now. There are two types of people in the world; one group is the people that watch “Game of Thrones” and the second group is the ones that want to watch “Game of Thrones.”

This show has characters that people absolutely love or absolutely hate, there's really no in between, but either way, the characters have traits that are relatable. For example college majors, so here we go. Welcome to the University of Westeros!

1. Arya Stark - Theatre

Arya Stark is the queen of theatre. Just like a theatre major she can change her character in an instant. I mean who else would be better for a theatre major then Arya, after all, she is the girl of many faces.

2. Bran Stark - Philosophy

Because Bran is the three-eyed raven, he is always asking questions because of the burning curiosity that he has. Bran is exactly like a philosophy major; thinking about how the world started and how it's going to end, asking questions and making connections when he has the answer.

3. Catelyn Stark - Education

Catelyn Stark always had the best advice that one could give. Just like an education major she gives people advice using the knowledge she has and she tries her best to discipline them with her knowledge.

4. Sansa Stark - Journalism

Sansa is the quiet one out of the Starks but she's quiet because she's observing everyone's moves and she's analyzing them. Just like a journalism major she gathers information and presents that information in a way that people will agree with her.

5. Jon Snow - Criminal Justice

Even though Jon Snow is known as the "bastard" of the show and bastards don't know anything, he knows quite a lot. He stands by the law and brings people to justice. He believes in honesty and seeing the good in people. Like a criminal justice major, Jon knows how to punish people that are being injustice and maintain social control.

6. Cersei Lannister - Psychology

I've never seen a bigger manipulator on TV. Cersei knows what you're feeling without you telling her. She knows your deepest secrets and she uses them against you. She has a way of reading people that you would think she was a psychic. Like a psychology major, Cersei watches your behavior and emotions towards situations and she studies it to find out what you're thinking.

7. Tyrion Lannister - Business

Even though his family looks down on him he is the smartest of them. He can make a deal that is good for him in an instant. He's great at solving issues that seem like they can't be solved. Tyrion has a way with words that help him persuade people into a deal that will turn out great for him and his side of the spectrum. Like a business major, he's great with numbers, working with people, and making a plan.

8. Jamie Lannister - Politics and International Affairs

If you want to go to war Jamie is your go-to man. This man of the king's guard is able to promise you political arrangements and make sure they go as planned. Just like a political and international affairs major, he stands for his country, and he focuses on the political issues and foreign affairs affecting the world.

9. Joffrey Baratheon - Political Science

Joffrey wanted to rule the Seven Kingdoms so bad that he tried his hardest (not really) to try and understand the policies of being a ruler, but he failed to do so, so he flunked out.

10. Daenerys Targaryen - Social Work

The girl with the nine titles, Daenerys loves to help and support everyone around her. She tries her best to make a difference in the world while making her way to her "rightful throne." Like a social work major, she is there to promote a happy and healthy life for individuals and communities.

11. Brienne - Gender Studies

This is my favorite character because just like a gender studies major Brienne breaks the boundaries and stereotypes of women. She is a feminist that gets what she needs and doesn't let a man do anything for her.