Michael: Engineering

He can create anything and everything but no matter how hard he tries, nothing ever seems to work out for him.

Tahani: Drama

Tahani pretends to be good, but she is ultimately the most conceited person you could ever meet. At least she's beautiful and has that killer accent.

Jason: *Drops out of school to do drugs and be a DJ*:

You have to have at least a few more brain cells than Jason (not to be confused with Jianyu) to be able to make it in college. Jason's the guy that dropped out the first semester to try to make it big using his Soundcloud account.

Good Place Eleanor: Psychology

Critical thinking, problem-solving, self-improvement. Eleanor has cracked the code of human (and demon) behavior and she learns something new every day.

IRL Eleanor: Math

Only in a math problem would someone buy 20 assorted family-size bags of chips. Also, no one likes math majors. Math majors don't even like math majors.

"Real Eleanor": Pre-law or Pre-med, whatever makes parents proud

"Real Eleanor" is the definition of perfection, so she obviously has to be a doctor or a lawyer. Parents won't settle for anything less.

Chidi: Education

He's patient, tells bad jokes, and has trouble interacting with adults. Plus he can teach Eleanor to be good over and over (and over and over) again, which takes some serious commitment.

Shawn: Business

Shawn has no moral or emotional compass and honestly just wants to see results. If it's not working, he's not going to keep funding it, period.

Jianyu: Religious Studies

Jianyu the monk (not to be confused with Jason the DJ) is the epitome of peacefulness and spirituality (on the surface at least).

Janet: Philosophy

Is there any other major that can claim to know everything? No, probably not.

Bad Janet: Political Science

Bad Janet just wants to see the world burn. She couldn't care less about anyone she goes around creating anarchy wherever she goes.

Mindy St. Claire: Science

Mindy has been on her own in the medium place for so long that she's forgotten how to interact appropriately with people, similar to socially inept science majors that haven't left the library anytime in the last 4 days. Plus she's got some serious alcohol dependency issues— so definitely a science major.

Trevor: Journalism

Always trying to get up close to people in order to get the dirty gossip before anyone else, Trevor is the epitome of the bad place. You know you can't trust him and yet, you almost feel like you want to.