Archie Andrews- Music

Throughout season one Archie developments a love and passion for music. Something that music majors need to be able to move forward in their career.

Jughead Jones- Psychology

Jughead is the "weirdo" is the group. Like most psychology majors Jughead finds interest in reading and observing others.

Betty Cooper - Journalism

Betty, following in her mother's footsteps, starts the Blue and Gold to help clear Polly's name.

Veronicas Lodge- Criminal Justice

In season one, after Veronica finds out that Chuck Clayton had spread rumors about her and other girls were “easy”, Veronica decides that justice needed to served for her and all of the other girls.

Fred Andrews - Business

Fred Andrews owns and operates his own construction business.

Cheryl Blossom -Fashion Design

Throughout season one, no matter what was going on, Cheryl always made sure see what dressed for the occasion

Kevin Keller- Humanities & Philosophy

Throughout season one, Kevin was known for quoting different movies, books, plays, and music.