Basically one of the best shows ever, "The Office" is staffed by the dream team. So what if the dream team went to college? Let's take a look.

1. Communications -- Kelly Kapoor

Always talking.

2. Education -- Toby Flenderson

Outgoing, bubbly and logical.

3. Marketing -- Andy Bernard

Always a salesman and a realist. (Maybe)

4. Business -- Ryan Howard

Looking for ways constantly to move forward. (

5. Graphic Design -- Pam Beesly

Artistic and she lived in NYC, what else do you need?

6. Sports Broadcasting -- Jim Halbert

What else does the sports fanatic and practical joker study?

7. Accounting -- Oscar Martinez

I mean this is probably a given, tbh.

8. Agriculture -- Dwight Schrute

Bears, Beets, and Battlestar Galactica

9. English -- Stanley Hudson

Who else can do this many crossword puzzles?

10. Culinary -- Kevin Malone

His chili speaks for itself.

11. Film Studies -- Gabe Lewis

Viewing parties galore.

12. Social Work -- Phyllis Vance

13. Finance - Kate Flannery

14. Micheal Scott - Undecided

When you're an expert at everything, how can you tie yourself down?