Who hasn't paused in the middle of their day to wonder, "If I were an ice cream flavor, which one would I be?" Well, here's your answer. Whether you're a whimsical student of the English language or a dedicated computer science major, this list will answer all your burning questions.

1. Business: Chocolate

Just like we need business majors in the world, we all need chocolate in our lives.

2. Communication: Cookies and Cream

Classic but unique, just like communication.

3. English: Strawberry

Whimsical yet simple, just like the best literature.

4. International Studies: Coffee

Coffee is different in practically every culture. International studies majors are always ready for anything.

5. History: Butter Pecan

Relaxing yet complex—just like learning about where you came from, what you have overcome and the future that awaits you.

6. Computer Science: Mint Chocolate Chip

They have a little bit of an edge.

7. Art: Vanilla

It's your blank slate. Make it your own creation.

8. Math: Neapolitan

It takes a special person to really enjoy eating Neapolitan ice cream in its true form with all three flavors together, just like it takes a unique person to actually want to spend their life doing math.

9. Political Science: Rocky Road

There's always a new hurdle in the world of politics, and the chocolate from this flavor will help get you through that.

10. Theatre: Birthday Cake

A classic that everyone seems to underestimate.

11. Undecided: Cotton Candy

Flamboyant and childlike, they want to enjoy life while they can before deciding on a major.

Hopefully, you feel comforted now that you have definitive answers to which ice cream flavor you would be. One thing's for sure, the world would not be the same without each of us in it. Just think of how much you would miss your favorite ice cream.