You already know which alcohol your major is and which character from 'The Office' it is, but what you don't know is that you are also royalty. Time to channel that inner prince/princess!

English/Art: Rapunzel

Although Rapunzel was isolated for most of her life, she is adventurous and can express that in many ways. She uses her creativity to escape from where she was trapped and overcomes disapproval. Like an English or Art major, Rapunzel can use creativity to her advantage, and does not let others disapprove of her.

Teacher/Education: Snow White

Snow White is patient and caring. After being introduced to the seven dwarfs, she shows a motherly side and is patient. Much like a teacher, Snow White takes care of others and is looking out for the younger generation.

Veterinary: Cinderella

Cinderella obviously adores animals. When she faces doubt and dishonesty, she turns to them and nurtures them. Much like a vet, Cinderella cares for the animals as she would other humans.

Science: Aurora

Aurora is different. She may seem passive, but she has a playful and quirky side. She expects great things to happen, even if she doesn't know what that may be. Science majors, like Aurora, expect the future to hold amazing discoveries. They may seem boring but they are quirky and fun!

Psychology: Ariel

Commonly, Psychology majors end up going into counseling. Ariel strives to find good in a bad situation and help others around her. She takes a chance even when things seem to be going bad.

Liberal Arts: Belle

Belle seems to be the odd one out at the beginning of the movie. She is well-rounded and educated. She is more mature than most, and extremely independent. Much like Belle, Liberal Arts majors are well-rounded and can talk about intellectual topics for hours.

Political Science/ Criminal Justice: Jasmine

Jasmine is strong, cultured, and can take care of herself when need-be. However, she is also sarcastic and headstrong. Political Science and Criminal Justice majors are opinionated but are also informed. Commonly, they can take care of themselves and have a sarcastic side.

Communications/Journalism: Pocahontas

Pocahontas is free-spirited, noble, and brave. As time goes on, she becomes more independent, as well as someone others look up to. Communication and Journalism majors can communicate freely with the world, and are brave enough to share their opinions. Over time, they gain respect from the community they communicate with.

Math/Accounting: Mulan

Mulan is underrated. She can be absent-minded and awkward, but she is also witty and alert. Like Math and Accounting majors, she tends to be overlooked, but is essential to the growth of a community.

Nursing: Tiana

Tiana is hard-working. She is intelligent and brilliantly talented. Sometimes she comes off as uptight, but does it for the good of the people. Like Tiana, Nursing majors work hard at all hours of the day and night. They are constantly busy and strive for what they want.

Business: Merida

Merida can be stubborn and headstrong. She is creative and works to get what she wants. Business majors can also be stubborn, but they do it for the benefit of the entire community. Business majors, like Merida, use creative methods to promote their agendas.

Engineering: Moana

Moana, the newest princess, is fearless and creative. She learns new methods throughout the entire movie, and is extremely intelligent. Engineers are always willing to learn to benefit themselves and can improvise easily.

So, which princess are you?