In high school, people stress the importance of finding a major, sticking to that and graduating in four years. But what if you are unsure? Is there something else you discovered you like better? How will changing my career path affect me?

Take a deep breath, here are some tips to help guide you from someone who changed her major three times.

1. Make A Pro/Con List

When switching or even picking a major, making a list of both the good and bad qualities helps. Even adding future job options might help narrow down the decision for you. Having something tangible to refer back to can help the decision-making process easier. Once you've completed your list, it can help determine where you can see yourself the most.

2. Talk To An Advisor

Typically starting in freshman year, the college or university you attend pairs you up with a staff member or professor within your major. They can help you to select appropriate classes, discuss student life, and offer guidance on whether changing your major is right for you.

3. Talk To People Of The Major You Want To Change To

The only way I was able to find out what really inspired me was to talk to students and professors of the major. It helped guide me into the right classes and connected me with friends and "family." Getting to know new people can be beneficial in the long run when looking for jobs or helping others.