On March 24, 2017 a new Power Rangers movie came out. I enjoyed the movie more than I ever thought, even though I was never a big fan of Power Ranger. Maybe it's because, as I watched the movie I could totally relate to many of the emotions the characters were going through.

1. When you make rash decisions based on stress:

2. Trying to tackle all your assignments at once…

3. When forget to do an assignment and you try to make a good excuse:

4. Trying to make sure you’re organized and stay on topic in the library and then someone messes up your focus:

5. Professors be like “this is a piece of cake assignment” and you look at the assignment:

6. Doing the minimum of the project as the professor is handing them back:

7. Trying to ignore responsibilities like:

8. When y’all show up to the party looking extra good:

9. When you get an exam back that you for sure failed and it says “A”:

10. Trying to convince yourself that your work is fun:

11. After seeing the syllabus for the class:

12. When your friend tries to tell you that they are staying in on a Friday night: