5 Things I Learned In My First Semester Of College

Adjusting to college can be a bit of a challenge for new college students. Here's what I learned while I was trying to adjust during my first semester.

1. You have A LOT more free time than in high school.

That being said, you also have a lot of free time to waste. Take my advice and spend your time wisely. Do your homework before the day that it's due. Go workout. Call your parents. Just trust me on this one.

2. Tests and assignments are weighted so much more.

When a single test is worth 20% of your grade for the course, it makes you feel a whole lot more stressed out than in high school when a test was only worth 10% of your grade. Instead of laying in your bed all day crying about the stress, take that valuable time to study and learn as much material as you can.

3. Making good, trustworthy friends is one of the most important things about college.

Anne Marie Bonadio

I didn't have any trouble meeting friends due to the fantastic orientation program at Auburn, but it was one of the best things that happened during my first semester. Having people who are always there and treat each other like family made me feel so much more at home.

4. Eat healthy and get some exercise.

When people talk about the freshman 15, they are not kidding. It is actually a thing. I found that I felt a lot better about myself if I maintained a healthy diet and made time to go to the gym several times a week. If your school has a nice recreation center, take advantage of it. Do group fitness classes, go play sports with your friends, and just stay active, but don't forget to treat yourself every once in a while.

5. Being involved is SO important.

As much as it feels great to lay in bed all day after you finish your classes, being involved in organizations on campus helped me meet people and adjust to college life. Having places to be every day helped keep homesickness at bay, and I always had fun in the long run. It seems like there are about a million clubs and organizations on campus, so find the one that's right for you and give it a try.

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