College. A time where teenagers are on their own for the first time. They're independent for the most part, they can make their own decisions, they can finally do what they want to do. For most, that means partying, partying, and partying some more. But not me.

I've never cared to be a party person and I still don't.

There are other ways to have fun. Drinking, partying, and going out aren't the only things to college life. There are other things to do.

Most of the time, I hear the "it's college, you're supposed to have fun" or the "you're going to regret not partying." But that's not how I see it. Partying isn't the only way to have fun and I don't think I'll look back and wish that I had gotten drunk all the time.

My college is in a small town, so, yeah, there's not much to do. There are bigger cities close by though. There are things going on sometimes.

There's just so much more to college than partying.

To me, going to parties and drinking until I make myself sick doesn't sound appealing. I don't want to go to a place, full of people I probably don't know. I don't want to drink until I'm sick. I don't want to lose control of myself and my actions. I don't want to drink so much that I can't remember anything. I don't even really care for alcohol anyway.

I have no interest in partying, and I'm not sorry about it. I'm 21, and the life of a college student partying just isn't for me. I'm here to earn a degree. Yeah, I want to have fun too, but that doesn't mean I want to spend all of my time drinking. It just doesn't appeal to all.

There's just so much more to college than partying.